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Northern Utah Riders!!!


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Hi Peeps, I am in Salt Lake City area looking for riders who like to do long day trips and weekend/overnight trips.  Friday for example I will hit Torry Utah vie early departure from work. Torry is at theh top of Hwy 12, one of the top 10 roads in the country for two wheelers.
Beyond that no agenda. May end up back at Torry, or down by Zions, or in St George, still planning. but coming back Monday evening... any takers??
My riding style is brisk, no egoes, ATGATT. I am happy chewing on beef jerky and sipping my hydro pack between fillups. Then a few beers at night. I ride hard... but safety is first... I mean it when I said no egos. I am not the quickest one out there just wanna nail the perfect apex... all day 
My Name is Robin. I come from the FJR Comminuty.  Ill ride in/on anything but snowpack.
txt msg me here on this board
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Nice CDog. Not to far from Cali if we have a gathering in Reno or Sparks NV. Interested?
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ohh I need to do a ride report.. 900 miles last 3 days.. snow, sleet, hail, and dry twisties.. Picks and all Next weekend a pile of FJR and a few FJ peeps meeting in Cedar city Utah.. I love the mtns above Boise!!!!! Heck ill go anywhere... Utah has some fantastic roads too.. Ill post that ride report next day or two
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