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Go Premium to upload pics directly and go ad free!

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We are proud to announce that we are launching Premium Memberships as an option to you, the members of FJ-09.org
Benefits are as follows:
1. Premium Members can upload pics directly to the forum from their computer, no more need for pic hosting sites like Imgur or Photobucket!
2. Adfree! Yes, premium Members will no longer see those pesky ads that help pay for this place!
3. Premium Members will receive five stars in their mini profile, as well as the title Premium Member under their username, which is also in mini profile and shows in all of our posts.
4. Premium members will also be able to post in the Premium Member board, open only to premium members.
More benefits will be added as they they are develop. Regular members can still use all other areas of the forum, read and post as much as they would like to and are just as welcome as everyone else. The difference is that regular members will see the ads that you see now and will have to host their pics on a public pic hosting site and then copy and paste the direct links to put them in a post, or drag and drop.
People have been asking for the ability to upload pics directly to the forum since we opened last November, but image hosting is expensive and we post a ton of images. This Premium member program will allow us to afford to host your pics.
Uploading pics directly to the forum for Premium Members is as easy as simply clicking the "Add Attachment" button and finding the pic on your PC that you want to upload. Boom!
$$Price. $50.00 Lifetime Premium Membership! In the past we charged $4.99 per month or $50 per year. So, $50.00 for a lifetime membership is one heck of a deal!
Also, be sure to enter your username, (spelled correctly) so we know who you are and can make you Premium.
There will be no refunds after your first week of premium membership/7 days. Even if you go nuts and get yourself banned, we will not refund your money after 7 days.
Pay safely and securely below. You will be redirected to Paypal to enter your payment method and complete the transaction.
ENTER FORUM USERNAME INTO BOX BEFORE CLICKING BUTTON!! It's the only way we will know who you are and who to make premium!!
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This topic is now closed to further replies.