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Radiator Guard

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Get a simple steel net from a local hardware store and do it yourself!
I bought a sheet of steel hexagonal net (50x40cm) for 10euros, cut it with a pair of "big scissors" (i don't remember the correct english word, sorry) and put that on the radiator, fixed with a some steel wire and bended over the upper part of the rad.
c89c2d415331822.jpg 28b7e5415331832.jpg d13d42415331843.jpg
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Nice install. Looks great. How did you make the edges look so nice?
That material you used is very similar to what my dad called "1/4 inch hardware cloth"
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I just installed the Yamaha GYTR radiator guard. I took a wait-and-see attitude on the guard because I don't ride on gravel or dirt roads. I got a few rock dings in the radiator after 10K miles without the guard.

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