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Hi guys, does anyone have any experience with after market seats? I am looking at getting something, anything the Orem seat just kills me. Any suggestions?
Others have already suggested some good alternatives.  I tried to contact Laam by going through his web page and also tried to call him.  I got no response, but others have, so you must be persistent.  I needed a seat for my FZ-09, which was really bad.  The Russell Day Long is the best seat you can buy.  I have one on my FJR.  Now I find the FJ-09 seat to be really good.  Just road to the coast and back today and never noticed it, but I have 25,700 miles on my FJ and maybe the seat was designed to break in to be perfect over time.  I weigh 160 so maybe that is why, or maybe because I was wearing leather.  Do you wear leather?  Leather riding pants will improve the resistance of your butt to get sore so quickly.  Leather also sticks where you put it, which is good when you ride long distance.

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Got my FJ last week. Got her all set up wth my electronics and tank and tailbags. What a fun bike. Did 200 miles or so Sat. Had a blast! Fun bike! But....I'm riding to Seth Lamm's Tues. as I found that the seat absolutely sucks for me. Two of my buds said exactly the same thing. Not the worst stocker I've riddin' but close. I will report back after Seth does his magic. It is 150 miles to his place, so I l'll know right quick.
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