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Fitting rear hugger extender


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First day of nice weather prompted a ride for pleasure, but the roads are so covered in salt and grime that I came back to this..
Cursing myself for not fitting the hugger extender earlier I thought I'd show a few photos of how to fit it using plastic rivets. Here are the original item and the extender:
3.5mm plastic rivets from ebay looked like they would do the job. The diameter of the hole required was 6mm.
and they fit with a standard hand rivet gun. Here you can see they have a very short stub once fitted and there is plenty of clearance for the tyre when fitted.
I like this method as there's no gluing required and the join is very tightly held together. Final picture of it fitted on the bike. Hopefull, slightly less cleaning of the underseat area!

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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No, I bought the rivets separately after seeing a post on here, where they used double sided tape and car trim fixings. I thought plastic rivets would do a better job. The kit just comes with sand paper and an alcohol cleaning wipe. They will happily sell you their expensive wonder glue if you want though!

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I'll be very interested in how well it works for you when ridden in nasty conditions. I've installed a Fenda Extenda on the front and I'm happy with it. Right now now I'm trying to decide whether there is a functional advantage with the R&G design over the Pyramid (other than how much lighter it makes my wallet).
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Looks like a good solution (and check those wheels out too :) )
I used pond liner.  Cost exactly nuppence. (from my blog...)
Around the same time, and on the subject of using rubber protection, I had a concern for all the crap chucked up by the rear wheel and landing all over the suspension linkages. Not good, and not easy to clean.
So I've come up with a solution.
Yes. okay. so I do gardening as well, and yes I have a pond, and water fall. However, the upside to that is having loads of spare pond liner kicking around.
It's fairly unobtrusive, as you can see it's sort of hidden behind the rear pegs
So you can see how dirty and gritty that is...
And you will notice that the spenshun bits are lovely and clean :)
Especially for you I have scanned my template with a scale, so if you copy and print out you are welcome to use this (or adapt)
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