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Replace FJ 09 vs Tires and suspension?

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I purchased a new FJ 09 last April and I really like the bike. I have the lowering links from Yamaha installed, all
else is stock. I purchased the bike prior to buying some land up in the ADK's mountains and building  a  camp
on a dirt and gravel road which involves several hills as, well some pretty steep. I ride 288 miles to get to the 
road the camp is on and then 1.5 miles to the camp on the narly gravel and sand road which when wet is
very slick. Love the FJ to get there but won't even attempt the gravel with it, it challenges me some what with
a DR 650,  my other bike. Do I replace the FJ with a Triumph Tiger 800 or BMW 700 / 800 Gs or is it worth 
trying different tires new suspension ect? If the answer is tires, suspension, and skid plate , any ideas on cost
of all the upgrades?
Thanks in advance for any constructive advice.
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Depends how much dirt vs pavement, No bike is perfect under all conditions. I have not ridden a recent version, but the KTM 690 dirt version may be worth a look. There are tire and suspension mods that some guys do for dirt roads with FJ 09 and still get decent road performance.
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Seeker: I cannot answer your question, but maybe you can answer mine, from my separate thread on the board:
Has anyone lowered their FJ-09 with the official Yamaha lowering kit (dogbones) part# 2PP-F22A0-V0 ? I would be interested in a number of things: any tips you could add to the instructions, did you lower the forks somewhat in the clamps to make the front end equal, how was the handling and ground clearance of the bike affected (if at all), and how did the sidestand and centerstand use change (?)
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There are plenty of tires on the market with 70/30, 30/70 dirt/pavement capabilities designed specifically for what you are looking for. It's up to you to select exactly what you need from a tire based on your location
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or improve the gnarly road?
Ultimately an off road based tire will compromise road performance but there is a thread on here where someone is using Avon Trailrider day to day...
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