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Can the new MT09 Tracer traction control be retrofit?

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just wondering if the Traction control can be retrofit in the older models?
Yes, definitely. And if the dealer tries to tell you differently, just let them know that a guy on the internet told you so.
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I want the new side panels! And I would switch the ecu to get the front panel. Someone will do it eventually. Probably a year or two out as you cant buy the bike yet though.
edit: I'll take a longer swingarm too :)
My financial situation tells me I will be riding my 2015 FJ09 for some years to come but I remember mounting R6 forks on my 2007 FZ6. Made a couple extenders for my front fender to mount.
As for the traction control settings... I mostly turn off the traction control and wish it was off every time I get on the bike.
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