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WAZE with motorcycle-specific options

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I thought it was going to optimize for the twistiest route possible.
Maybe as more people use it and it sees the most common routes in a particular area for motorcycles it'll adapt and route bikes that way. Which was kinda laid out in the article. The more people that use it the better chance that'll happen I think.
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I've been using it for maybe a week or so and found no real difference yet except when on the tollway (common here east of the Mississippi) it keeps routing me into the cash lanes which I ignore, having also registered the FJ-09 on my I-Pass account (like all my bikes). BTW, I may know someone who does not carry their I-Pass transponder and consequently wiggles the handlebar to create an oscillation that wags the license plate while diving from one side of their lane to the other just as they pass under the I-Pass receiver, and consistently no tolls are deducted from their account. Maybe their FJ-09 is so blindingly fast the I-Pass receiver and cameras too slow and thus cannot pick it up...
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