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New 2017 FJ 09 owner from Charlotte NC


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hey guys!
I wish i had joined a few months ago but i just finished a 10 week 16,000 cross country trip on my new 2017 FJ09.  Will be doing lots of accessory reviews, ride review and posting about my experience!  Most of my experience riding has been at the track on my 08 cbr600rr.  This summer i sold both my track bikes, bought the best "sport" touring bike on the market and decided to have a little adventure.  Looking forward to meeting y'all.  
Follow me on instagram @ adventures_avec_lesteed
(Daisy Lake in BC, Canada)
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16K in 10 weeks, thats awesome!
I would love to hear about any maintenance issues or like @piotrek alluded to, any "long term" findings after that many miles.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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