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March Moto Madness 2018

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Went for the first time last year; took the van and WR down and stayed on-site.
Fun event to spectate or particpate!
Lots of excellent mixed surface riding to choose from. Big turnout, but roads never seemed crowded.
Good food and coffee. Long lines, but plenty of time to meet new folks and talk bikes, rides, and so forth.
Lat year the event occurred a week later and spilled over into the first days of April which was nice. I'm planning to go again this year with van/WR/FJ, but will need to see what the weather does before fully committing as March is the snowiest month here in the Adirondacks. I'd be up for meeting fellow FJ riders and getting out for some pavement and/or mixed surface rides.      
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Awesome! Couple guys I know in the Nashville area help plan it every year, and I just found out about it recently. I may try to go this year, it sounds like a group from Nashville will be headed there, just a matter of if I'm joining them or not! Photos look great.
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