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Cycle gear store wide sale today only.


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I will be visiting Cycle Gear in Charleston SC next week, looking for a jacket. Anyone familiar with REV'IT! Outback 2?... never heard of the REV'IT! brand. Alpinestars have several jackets on sale. Might be tempted. Unfortunately, I absolutely have to try things on before I fork out cash, but I will be right there, so why not.
I agree with trying them on, not every manufacturer sizes them the same.  In my experience Alpinestars run a bit small.  I am not familiar with the exact jacket you referenced, but REV IT brand has excellent quality. 
Look at all of the features on the jackets as many accept back armor but they are sold separately.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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Got a rev'it and my wife has Alpinestars. I like mine better because it has much more air ventilation and size ajustements.
I don't know about the Outback2 but in all cases, you have to try it or make sure you can order and return in case it doesn't fit.

FJ-09 2015

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