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looking for saddle bags

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while i would love the factory hard bags, i cannot see dropping the money on them
am looking to get some new sof bags to repalce the ones i have on the bike now
looking at the givis- should i go 30 or 40l?
the price is pretty much the same
dont want anything that is going to look too big
i take the bike to work each day so it holds rain gear, water, heated gear on ride home, lunch and random things
i do take a road trip or two each year so when i load them up with a top bag everything is at full capacity
have had these for a few years, starting to show age and not zipper shut all the way
(amazon image, not my bike)
but my question is the 30 or 40?
anyone have either installed?
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There are some quality soft saddlebags available, but if you ever try hard lockable bags, you won't go back. I bought a set of Givi hard bags years ago. Now when I get a new bike, I only have to get a set of racks. Racks are ~ $200 - $250.
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I made the racks myself out of 1/4 UHMW plastic & 3/4 alum angle. Their designed to go across the passenger seat and rest on the racks, but I took the straps that go across seat and uset that to mount them to the racks.
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