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Hello from the SF Bay Area

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Just a quick "hi hi".  My last two bikes have been SV650s...the first a 1st-Gen 1999 naked, and the second a 2nd-Gen 2006 "S".  When i bought the '06 SV650S, it looked like this:
During the time I owned it, quite a few upgrades were done.  Other than the braided steel brake lines & rear master rebuild (GP Sports), and the custom 4-color paint job (California Cycles), the rest of the work I performed myself.  A complete list is far too long to include here, but a few examples are lower fairing kit, OPT7 dual-xenon headlights, Rick's Motorsports rectifier-Regulator, Vizi-Tec SupaBrake 3, Ducati mirrors w/ built-in turn signals (mounted on custom arms to stock mounting brackets), Hot Bodies fender eliminator, Opt7 multi-color LEDs (hidden inside & under fairing), and many others.  By the time I sold it, it looked like this:
After two SVs, getting married, and realizing that an SV is not even close to the best choice for 2-up riding, I decided it was time to let my SV go, and "upgrade" to a sport touring bike.  After considering several possibilities, I finally decided on the FJ-09.  So, without further adieu, I present my 2017 Yamaha FJ:
Of course, before "riding off into the sunset" on my new ride, I couldn't resist a back-2-back photo:
Next up...making the FJ look like a "proper" sport-touring bike.  Time to ride.............................................
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Welcome from Oregon! I spent four years in the Bay Area back in the 1990s when I was in the Navy. I used to commute 140 miles per day in that traffic; it was an adventure!
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