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Hey everyone, new to the fourms


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Hello Everyone
At the moment i dont have an FJ09, but it is the bike that im currently going to get next.  At the moment i own a 16 FZ07 and ive taken this little bike to the track and canyons.  Just recently i discovered the joys of long distance riding and Yamaha was having alot of demo rides and that's when i set my sights on the FJ09.  I will get it eventually but im hoping to learn more about this bike and all the accessories and maybe get some insight on how much i can get a used one.  Thank you and i hope to be able to post a picture of an FJ09 that i can call mines.
Here's my current bike.
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I also own a FZ-07... same forum name on the FJ-09 and FZ-07...
a memeber on the FZ-07 forum by the name of Topazarrow is looking to sell his FJ-09... lives in the SW USA area IIRC...
this bike is a swiss army knife... can polish knee pucks all day, transcontinental touring machine, can be found playing in the creeks of Canada to the everyday commute bike...
2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition-80whp
2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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