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Stupid Move

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So in a fit of haste today I cleaned the wheels of my bike with some mother's tire and wheel cleaner I had had on the shelf, and defreased/road grimed the engine with simple green....color me with the stupid crayon.
Got these horrendous white dots on my wheels and some on the engine case. Brake line metal parts looking the same....gave everything a re wash and a light coati g if yamaha silicon lube/protectant which seemed to help, but I really screwed it up this time.
Basically writing to be the PSA for read the labels and also has anyone done this ) successfully fixed it in the past?
DOH! Good thing it's usually a filthy mess from commuting anyways.
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not all cleaners clean various aluminum surfaces equally... some cleaners will take the polish right off and make it look high tech cast...
2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
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