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I am a new member that is going to replace my ST1300 with the 2019 Tracer 900 GT whenever a local dealer can get one.  The last one I contacted mentioned a production slow down.  They have several on order but have not received a shipping date.  I look forward to many discussions on this forum.  Also, is there a way to change the color of the forum.  I find the black background is difficult for me to read.
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Welcome to the forum @exstowner .
To change the forum theme background:
Press profile, edit profile, settings, forum themes is on that page about half way down.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I am finally picking up my new bike this Thursday.  I was tying to sell my current bike, but no offers came thru.  Then winter happened.  I was not getting any bites, so I decided to almost give it to the dealer in trade.


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Ok, an ex-ST owner in Dayton... have we met? Are you a member of ST-OWNERS?  Have you been to OH-STOC? 

I bought a '15 FJ09 (kept ST1100 for 2 up riding) and LOVE IT!  Such a blast to ride.  

You would be welcome to show up at OHSTOC 2019 on a new "goo" (or any other bike)!

Ride on!


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