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the 900

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hello, your screen name sounds familiar from the FZ-07 forum ?
yes it is I. will be trading it in some time next week.
had it on ebay for two weeks and so far time waster etc. 
what the least you'll take blah blah.
then hear nothing.
10 watchers if they think I'm going to loewer it any more they've got another thing coming.
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@johnakay   That olive green is surprisingly quite attractive, that was never available in the USA.
I like the fact that they used a black tank with the olive cover and a silver separator stripe.
That's giving me some ideas for my lava red model...

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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not got it yet but hopefully later in the week we'll strike a deal.
just removed my sale from ebay.
2 time waster and 13 watchers ,what are they watching for its buy it now so nothing will change.
I'll trade it in and be done with.
the price for the above 17 model its cheaper by £350 compared to others on ebay so that'll make up for my little loss.
currently I've got about 4 that are under 7 grand to choose from.
the above only has 1,202 miles others are 2,570 and more.
delivery is £80 for the olive above and offered me 4 grand for mine so I'll accept that.
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