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National Cycle V-Stream Windscreens for 2019 Tracer 900/GT


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For those who may not have noticed, National Cycle has announced three additions to their V-Stream line for the 2019 Tracers as follows:
[span]    - Part # N-20331: Dark tint short "sport" windscreen
[span]    - Part # N-30332: Light tint "sport touring" windscreen
[span]    - Part # N-30333: Clear "touring" windscreen
About two weeks ago I spoke to Peter at National Cycle to order one of the screens.  Sounds like they have created the prototypes and are still in the final stages of setting up a production run.  I'll check back in another week or so and order/install if the item is available.  I'll create a product review as soon as I am able.  
If interested, their web site is www.nationalcycle.com
Keep the rubber side down, guys[/span][/span][/span]
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OK - When I spoke to National Cycle a few weeks ago (10/22/18), they had proto typed the screens and were setting up for production. I reached back out to them today and was told "on the shelf" kit should be available ~ November 20. We'll see. I have a preproduction order in place and am told I'm #1 in line for the the mid size light tint screen (part # N20332). I'll post to this board when/if I receive the item and let you all know my thoughts, impressions and experience.
Stay tuned . . .
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Any updates on this? If they don't come out with this soon, I'm going to end up with something different.

Edit: I bought a Madstad windshield and bracket. I'll post up pictures and details soon. It works great!

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2003 ST1300A,  2017 PCX-150,  2019 Tracer 900 GT

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On 9/1/2019 at 9:53 AM, bikerdup said:

I now have the mid-sized V-Stream and several thosand miles of riding with it.  I'm very pleased.  Please note that at 5' 6", I may have a different wind management expereience than a taller rider.  

Where does the wind redirect to? I'm 5'5" and want something that doesn't put the wind directly in my face like the stock one. 

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I did get a n-30333 from NC  I m 5-8" and for me didn't work...less air...but so much turbulence...i remove it and now sitting on the shelf. Did cut the original  one...not sure about the look but at lease don't have any turbulences....hope i can find a good screen option eventualy 🤔 


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Bimbim18 - It hits the very top of my helmet when the windscreen is in it upmost position.  Hits me with smooth air blast when in lowest position.  I'm thinking of ordering the tallest V-Stream and having two screens - the shorter one for my day  rides and the taller one for serious travel miles (reduction of wind noise would better enable me to hear radio/music through my Cardo Pactalk Bold when droning on the freeway).

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