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Magura clutch and left handguard


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Installing the Magura I got from @mattemike (Thank you Mike!) was a breeze but having issues with finding the right way to put the handguard back on, I can probably use the magura bolt to hold the upper bracket(maybe with a spacer so it will not scratch the clutch reservoir), but there is no easy place to connect the bottom bracket. 

Any thoughts on this? I'm tempted to leave the bottom bracket "floating" 



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My suggestion is to buy some FZ/MT-09 bar end weights and remove the stock hand guards 😉

(....I know that's not really helpful, but seriously)

'15 FJ-09 w/ lots of extras...

Fayetteville, GA, USA

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Thanks @duhs10 I might do that in the warmer seasons but these handguards are very helpful for winter riding. 

I ended up using plastic spacers to create gap between the bracket and reservoir, bending the top bracket a-bit and removing the bottom one (appreciated Yamaha modular design here).  So I can easily go back to stock if needed.

The only other necessary tweak was changing the magura switch from a Sumitomo MT090 2 Pin connector to a 2.8mm spade connector







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