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  1. I love my 2015 but really lusting after a nice modern electronics package. Is there a possibility of somehow getting the 2019 electronics package (Dash, ECU, TC) fitted onto a 2015? Are there fundamental changes that simply cannot be retrofitted, or it's just a matter of adding a few sensors, wiring and replacing the components?
  2. I'm 6.4. In the winter I use the Parabellum 26 with the puig spoiler and it blocks ~90% of the air on head but the puig is right in the line of sight with is annoying. The 26 is great including at speeds, but gets interesting in cross winds. Summer I switch to the Parabellum fly screen
  3. 3D designed and printed this cover for the horn button, horn is still usable just less chance of hitting it accidentally. Video 3D model
  4. Did the same mod today . I got the cheaper chinese version (20$) which had no gasket, had to create one myself or suffer the opposite of a vacuum problem really looking forward to not fiddling with the key on refuels.
  5. I think I've heard him say he has an MT-10 in one of his youtube videos. Do you recall what kind of measurements he used to tune the tracer900? e.g. rear/front sag
  6. After a few solid weeks of usage I really like this product. it does allow for airflow and removes vibration. Nice!
  7. I expect a little bit of both, will report back after I used it for a while.
  8. Added a mesh seat cover. Got the idea from here: bought it here for $6
  9. I've been using a similar unit for over 6 months now. Works very well, accurate (confirmed with a reliable meter) and I had no issues with it getting loose or leaking air. I have it both on a straight and 90 degree stem. The only annoyance is that the alarm cannot be silenced or be set to a lower value than 32psi IIRC
  10. Installed a break light strobe flasher GS-100A. Used 3 wire tyco connectors, so I can easily revert back to stock. https://imgur.com/zuqY9CA
  11. I also did not experience this problem. A firm press on the foot pedal of the center stand is enough to lift the bike. Never needed to raise it with hands
  12. I'm not buying chain lube ever again after seeing this.
  13. Been using this one for about 6 months now, works fine.There is a locking nut which prevents the sensor from coming loose. My front is straight stem, rear is 90 degree bent stem no issues with both.
  14. welcome @wavelet looking forward to seeing some pictures of bike and local scenery.