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  1. welcome @wavelet looking forward to seeing some pictures of bike and local scenery.
  2. Installed these cheapo (25$ on amzn) removable grip heaters. They draw 0.8A and get relatively toasty. I plug them into the cigarette lighter socket. Have not found a good way to deal with the excess laces yet.
  3. Installed the updated model of the FTECU quickshifter. Up-shifting is very smooth (RPM needs to be above 4K), no jarring and barely noticing the engine cut, riding feels almost like a CVT.
  4. sterlinggold


    Is that for real? It looks real, but I don't want to believe it's real.
  5. Alpine megawatt for hot summer days, Klim Element Shorts for all other days. On track Spidi STR-4 saved my knuckles. For extra safety I moved to their higher-end CARBO 5
  6. What's the background story here? Is this the first time the mounts are removed? Can you thread the bolt at all?
  7. Will do, as soon as I get the ECU back (out to confirm quickshifter mod was correctly flashed).
  8. Thanks @duhs10 I might do that in the warmer seasons but these handguards are very helpful for winter riding. I ended up using plastic spacers to create gap between the bracket and reservoir, bending the top bracket a-bit and removing the bottom one (appreciated Yamaha modular design here). So I can easily go back to stock if needed. The only other necessary tweak was changing the magura switch from a Sumitomo MT090 2 Pin connector to a 2.8mm spade connector
  9. Installing the Magura I got from @mattemike (Thank you Mike!) was a breeze but having issues with finding the right way to put the handguard back on, I can probably use the magura bolt to hold the upper bracket(maybe with a spacer so it will not scratch the clutch reservoir), but there is no easy place to connect the bottom bracket. Any thoughts on this? I'm tempted to leave the bottom bracket "floating"
  10. Replaced the air filter with a K&N. After 8600 miles the OE filter looked a bit mangy. Also Used grease on the edges of the K&N to make it slide nicely into the slots. Photos of old filter
  11. Installed a TPS and working on a quickshifter (will post more on that when done.)
  12. @Cruizin clicked the donate link but paypal failed to complete payment several times (yellow exclamation point telling me to contact support) so used direct paypal.
  13. Yes, it is fairly tall (Parabellum Windshield (26 inches) and Puig 6320H (4 inches)) but still get some airflow from the sides. I'm 6.4 and this setup gets wind off my helmet so I can ride without earplugs; and it's great for winter. I switch to the flyscreen during hot weather.
  14. Installed the Puig handguard extensions I got from @rustyshackles (Thanks Rusry). I think I covered all possible plastics options, right?