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First Impressions

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Well......here it is, for what it is worth!!    After picking it up yesterday,  I just put my first couple of hundred KM's on my new red (the faster colour, LOL) FJ-09.   Overall,  I love the bike.   It is every thing I had hoped for!   I came up with a short list of Pros and Cons that I observed these first few KM's.    I have been riding motorcycles in one form or another since I was 6.   I would call myself a VERY experienced rider.  I like to ride quickly and carve canyons but I am not a "Knee dragger".   Here's my list. Please remember these are just my observations!  Your experiences may differ!!!!!
Let's set a baseline, I am 6'4", 240lbs and a lot closer to 50 than I am 40.
I set the seat to it's highest position, windshield to lowest!  I plan on swapping around the bar risers in the future.   For now, the rear shock preload is set in the middle and remainder of suspension settings are as they were from factory.  ( I will fiddle with suspension settings in the future)
-that MOTOR!!!!!!     one word WOW!
-the NOISE of that motor!   
-seating position was good for me
-nice and light feeling/steering
-hand wind protection from the hand-guards is really good. 
-minimal vibration
-optional heated grips are excellent
-transmission shifts really nice (But it does kind of shift hard into first from neutral when at a stop.  Maybe this will wear in, it's    still new)
-brakes are great, progressive, good feel and stops on a dime.  (haven't tried the ABS yet)
-nice, fairly simple, intuitive controls
-great adjustablility for front brake lever, rear brake pedal, windshield, seat and handlebar.  
-digital dash is simple, visible and readable, even in direct sunlight
-mirrors are less than useless.   I actually have to take my hands off the bars to use them. 
-seat does wobble around a bit, when in it's highest setting. (not excessively, but noticeable)
-Even with the windshield in lowest setting, there is a fair bit of buffeting
-I hate that the angle of the hand guards is tied to the angle of the lever perches via the mounting brackets
-not a fan of the taillight
-and well, we all know about the LOVELY licence plate bracket........LOL
And now.......LET THE FETTLING BEGIN!!!!!!! 
My plans........
-new taillight
-extend/replace mirrors
-licence bracket clean up/replace
-hand guard adjustment
-windshield replacement
-exhaust change
Wasn't there a Post here about some extensions for the mirror stalks?   
I was planning on posting pics but am having lots of issues with the IMGUR website on my old Mac Laptop.    May switch to Photobucket.  
Comments welcome!
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I was considering adapting the mirrors with these but I have now decided the mirrors are okay - they just weren't set up right on the demo bike and I didn't mess with them. Got them spot on now and I can easily see my mate on his R1100S get further and further behind
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