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Loose windshield adjusters simple fix

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The first time I played with my windshield adjustments I noticed they were "wiggeling" even if my knobs were fully tightened. No big deal but its little thing like that I find annoying ;)
I had some time to work on my FJ this morning and I found this simple fix...here is what I did:
First you need to remove the small phillips screw on the knob (use #2 phillips screwdriver)
Remove the knob but leave the sliding part on the bolt
Then cut a 3/8 pvc grommet in half
Slide the grommet half on the bolt
Slide a #12 steel flat washer on the bolt
Put the knob back on with the screw
Your Done!! 
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Nice mod. I added a bag tie around the inside of mine to tighten things up, but yours is far less ghetto (actually looks factory) than mine.
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Great fix.  I lost the left side assembly and have it's replacement in hand.  I purchased parts from Bike Bandit, knob and screw in stock, 2 week b/o on shaft and bracket from Yamaha.  I was going to do basically the same thing only with a o-ring to stop the bolt from backing out due to the excess vibration.  The grommet, which I already have some in the parts bin, is a much better fix, because of surface area and texture.  Thanks for the great mod.
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I noticed the rattle too, bugged the crap out of me. Was working on a fix but now I don't have too. Thanks!
Now has anyone figured out on how we get the bolt from coming loose all the time? Seems like I have to tighten it at every stoplight. Left one is worse than right.
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I don't adjust my screen now it is in a good position for all riding (Powerbronze with Puig spoiler). 
After my left adjuster knob went AWOL I replaced it with a bolt from the special tin and added a nyloc nut at the rear, as a temporary fix. It has remained in place and is flush to the surface, not looking out of place so I have not bothered to replace it. . If I should want to adjust it the allen key in the bike tool kit is the right size. 
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