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Chain adjustment

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Hi All,

Yesterday i adjusted my chain cold to 35mm.  I went for a ride and noticed lots of vibration on the feet when changing gear.  I went home and adjusted it to 45mm and all now ok.  My thinking is that even at 35mm the chain will tighten when it gets hot.  Just thought i would mention this if people are experiencing vibes in the foot pegs and gear leaver.

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Between the name changes and the non name changes outside of the US, I'm confused what bike anyone is referring to.

I propose that when making a post related to maint. that you also state the year of your bike, or have it in your signature.

The newer tracer has a 60mm longer swingarm than the older ones. It's chain spec is (correctly?) spelled out in the manuals.

That spec. can't apply to the older models.

That being said, I currently run 1.25 to 1.5 inch of slack on the center stand on my 2015. Checking chain slack on the side stand has too many variables unless you make sure the rear suspension is fully extended.

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