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Hi all, I finally got a tracer


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Hi everyone, this isn't my first post on here but I finally got a 2019 Tracer GT. I've been looking for the last few months after selling my Tiger 800 XCx to get the cash, and I finally found a used one in great condition (from jrubicon on this forum).

I'm in California (Sacramento area) and I'm looking forward to lots of rides before it gets too cold. haha honestly I'll probably ride through winter, I usually do. Hit me up if you want to go ride some time, I'm almost always riding on the weekend even if it's last minute plans. A typical day ride for me is 150-250 miles but I'll do 900 in a weekend going to Crescent City at least once every year. If you find yourself in my area and need help or want some advice on good roads, I'm happy to be of service.

I've been riding 10 years now, and have owned something like 15 bikes. I have probably around 60k total miles ridden with 36k on the Tiger. My biggest ride to date was a 2 week trip from home to Banff in Canada (with my wife on her own bike) totaling about 3600 miles. I've also been to around 50 trackdays, mostly on the Daytona that I sold a while back. Currently I have an R3 for trackdays, I was a back marker in AFM for a couple years on a Ninja 250. Despite my track riding (or because of it?) I'm not super fast on the streets. 

I'll see if I can get some pictures up tonight, but I plan to do a few things to the bike in the next few weeks/months depending on how busy I am. I love that blue color that the Euro tracers have and I'm going to try to replicate it with vinyl or plastidip.

Edit: And here are some pictures. I had to get a Precision sticker on there somewhere... RIP Reno Fernley Raceway. 



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