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Should I replace sprockets?

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I bought my 2015 FJ-09 used with the original chain and sprockets. I'm at 20k miles and the chain is definitely shot so I ordered a new one with some JT sprockets but I feel like my sprockete, especially the rear one, show very little wear. The front one definitely looks like it has some shortening/flattening of the top of the teeth but the rear one hardly shows any wear at all. I bought the heavy duty RK chain so I'd like to get 20k miles out of it but would hate for the sprockets to wear before then. At the same time, it would be nice to save $40 and keep the new rear sprocket for the next chain and just change the front one. What do you guys think? First two pictures are front sprockets, the rest are rear.


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I’d replace both at 20k.

 You got your moneys worth out of those sprockets.

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I agree with the others, replace them. I always replace the chain and both sprockets at the same time. You can get unusual wear on either of the sprockets, and putting a new chain on the old sprockets can cause noises and vibrations. As long as you have to do the work to replace the chain, the sprockets are easy to remove and replace at the same time.


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They're a wear component like brakes & rotors...replace 'em!

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They've enough wear I would replace them. 

However, the rule of "always replace chain and sprockets as a set" for me applies to aluminum and some alloys. With modern steel components of oem quality or similar I'll inspect then decide. 

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