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Roame Zero motorcycle shoes


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Has anyone tried these?

I saw them this morning on LinkedIn and they look interesting, anything that improves visibility has to be worth considering!

ROAME Zeros are motorcycle shoes which wirelessly connect to your...

Scroll down for the video.

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You'd need to know the angle of visibility on the LEDs. Cheap LEDs might be bright viewed straight on but barely visible at an angle. Even their last picture on the website makes me question how noticeable the brake lights are to the car behind. 

For $300 you can buy a taller, CE rated boot. 

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An interesting idea, but I'll pass. Too short, I like my boots a lot longer.
Plus, I wonder on the effectiveness if you ride with your toes on the pegs, rather than your feet. My boots are probably angled upwards a fair bit (never checked, never felt the need to :) )

One idea I saw years ago was a fibre optic cable that you just shoved into your tail light, and if you attached the other end to your handlebars, you could see at a glance whether or not your tail light/brake light was working by the glow in the fibre optic.

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