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Sanity Ride


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I took a "Sanity Ride" on Saturday.  By the time I got moving, it was 2pm so I didn't have much time.  It gets dark here at 5pm.

I headed north to Lake Cavanaugh, taking a back route through Granite Falls.



It was a nice road.  Lots of twists and turns.  The leaves were past their prime, but still colourfull.











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We do have some beautiful scenery here...but a very limited window with which to enjoy it.

The passes have been getting snow.  Places like the North Cascades Highway are still open...but I wouldn't think of taking a motorcycle through there now.  Artist Point on Mt. Baker is closed.  The ski lodge will open soon.  The ride I took a few weeks ago to Hurricane Ridge...has snow on it.  

What's left are the more boring roads in the Puget Sound lowlands.  Or commuting to church and Costco.  Mustn't forget Big5 Sporting Goods...you can tell my scenic rides for the next couple months are pretty much done.  It'll be commuting only for awhile.

On another forum, a doctor from New Jersey came out in April to explore the scenery.  He didn't like to ride in rain, so stayed cooped up in the place he was staying for about 5 of 7 days in the area.  A friend took him up to Mt. St. Helens.  Beautiful ride in July.  The snow made a dense fog so bad they turned around...and almost were hit by cars going too fast in the snow and fog.

The temp outside is just above 40F now and will drop into the 30's in the next couple hours.  But I think you have some great riding weather coming up.  :)  That's my chance to be jealous of you.  Remember...take pictures, or it didn't happen.


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