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Air Horn Install


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I installed the Twisted Throttle Denali Soundbomb on my Tracer this week. I used the split compressor and horn model. I initially wanted to put the horn inside the front tank cover to hide it away but it was too tight. It would fit but there was no way to mount it securely. I ended up putting it on the right passenger peg hanger. I mounted it with zip ties. There is sufficient clearance so it won't hit the swing arm. I mounted the compressor in the right side rear cowling. It will not fit under the seat due to clearance. It might fit under the tank though. I have mounted many of these on various brands of bikes and recommend buying the premade wiring harness. It makes the install much easier. The wiring was just the right lengths. You can connect directly to the battery or  to a fuse block. It's damn loud!




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I put mine facing forward to blow towards what is in front of me. A flat piece of metal from twisted throttle is what I used but I bought the horn at the same time. Anyway I screwed a bolt into the bottom of the triple tree and the bar is about 3 inches long by a 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch wide. Here's a pic, tried to edit it, crop it. Did that, blew it up real nice, saved it to my desktop and when I go to put it on here or open it, it is back to the original size. ANYWAY!!!! Mine is in the center right from the front of the bike and mounted under the triple tree. Oh yeah that sucker is loud! I've had dogs roll in the street. They are coming out to chase me, get close and I hit the horn. They act like the horn hit them and made them roll a couple of 360s and back on their feet running away squalling, LOL!1570257039_HornPic.thumb.jpg.2b7583a192e3b0216262eada1140dd9f.jpg

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