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  1. The clamps are better than the pictures look. I bought the larger ones as I had some thick rubber laying around. I should have gotten the smaller clamps as this one rotated on me. I'll need to add some more rubber so it will not rotate. The pegs I bought were a bad choice. Too big and heavy.
  2. I've only had my Tracer GT for two weeks. PO had two MRA screens and I've put on Angel GT tires, Givi crash bar, X-Grip for phone, Adventuretech mirror extenders and larger side stand foot, and grip puppies. Highway pegs to mount on the crash bar should arrive today and Motopumps riser should arrive soon. Still need a new seat!!
  3. I saw something surprising in a Tracer GT review in July 2018 (bike-urious.com). The article says according to the Motorcycle Industry Council the FJ-09 was the second best selling 2 wheel sport tourer for the last 12 months. I also noticed yesterday that my local dealer had sold their 2020 Tracer GT.
  4. Had originally ordered these: Ciro Black Adjustable Highway Peg Mount with Clevis ... But unlike the picture, it doesn't include the pegs. That mount would have been strong.
  5. I ordered these: J&P CYCLES ★★★★★7 Reviews J&P Cycles 1-1/2" Black Universal Clamp On Footpeg Mount Kits $39.99 Gold Club Price: $35.99 In Stock Ships in 1-2 business days. J&P Part #: 7500246 Mfr Part #: 7500246 and J&P CYCLES ★★★★★11 Reviews J&P Cycles Large Black Vibra-Kushion Footpegs $37.99 Gold Club Price: $34.19 This item is temporarily unavailable. J&P Part #: 634-211 Mfr Part #: 634-211 UPS is scheduled to deliver them tomorrow so I'll be riding with them this weekend. Can let you know how they work out.
  6. I've used Helibars on prior bikes and they were great. I just ordered some risers from Motopumps, and I've not used anything from them prior. Their risers don't move the bars quite as much as Helibars. Motopumps are 25mm up (about 1 inch) and 20mm back (about 3/4 inch). However they are also $69.95 a set on their website and if you're on ADV Riders they are $59.95. FYI
  7. Just ordered a set of Motopump risers. They don't have quite the reach of the Helibars, but they are $69.95 on their website and $59.95 if you're on the ADV Riders forum. They're 25mm (about 1 inch) up and 20mm back (about 3/4 inch). I thought these might be a bit safer as Helibars talk about turning the banjo fitting to work. No issue doing that but apparently don't have to do that with the Motopump.
  8. Very new to my Tracer GT. Just ordered J&P Cycles private label clamp and pegs (to mount on Givi crash bars) and will let you know how they work when I get them (hopefully for this weekend). Together they were something like $85.
  9. I bought a 2019 Tracer GT less than two weeks ago, and although I've replaced every stock seat on bikes I've had, this one is killing me. Good for about an hour. Same complaints as others, being pushed into the tank, etc. I think a Terry Adcox seat could do the trick and I have an appointment, but not until September! After reading reviews of Bagster seats, I looked but can't find a Ready Luxe with Bultex anywhere and understand the factory is kind of shut down due to the virus. I had a Seat Concepts on my last bike (DL650) and it was much better than stock but I think you can do better (but at a higher price). Not sure what to do, wait until September (ugh!) or something else?
  10. Hi, Just bought a 2019 Tracer GT less than two weeks ago. Been looking at them since they came out. Have been on a Vstrom 650 for a while but wanted more fun twisting the throttle. The bike and I are getting acclimated. bps Charlotte, NC
  11. I think it's a category thing, not something specific about the FJ/Tracer. Versys 1000 owners lament the same thing. I don't quite understand it as these bikes are very versatile. I do think the lack of access to test rides is an issue. Dealers in my area won't let you ride a new bike but will let you take a used bike for a test ride. BMW, Triumph, Ducati etc do benefit from this. My last two bikes were a Vstrom 650 and a Honda ST1300. I rarely saw many of either of those, even though Vstroms are relatively popular. Adventure bikes seem to do a little better overall than sport tourers. When I was on my ST1300 I would see some FJR's and a few Concours, but still not many. And many wouldn't buy an FJR/Concours/ST due to weight. The FJ/Tracer fixes that but they are still not in my opinion optimal for two up. As my wife doesn't ride anymore the Tracer suits me just fine. FJ/Tracer is still a new bike so you won't see as many as models that have been out longer. I just bought a used 2019 Tracer GT less than two weeks ago. I was planning to look at it as soon as I saw it but the owner texted me a few hours before I was supposed to see it and said it was sold. He texted me the next day that the buyer had backed out so I bought it. He had 5 more people lined up to look at it after me if I didn't buy it. Many dealers around here don't even stock one and those that do have one in stock. Can't blame them as that reflects the market.
  12. I just bought a 2019 with less than 4000 miles less than two weeks ago. It now has over 5500 on the clock. I must admit at first I thought maybe I had made a mistake. My last bike was a Wee and it was more comfortable and smoother than the Tracer (but not near the fun with the Tracer when you twist the throttle). However, after some miles I don't think the vibes are any kind of deal breaker. I also think what speed you're riding at makes a huge difference. 55 indicated is very smooth, no issue at 65 but over 75 the vibes seem to get worse (but not that bad). 80 also seems to lower the mpg but it's always good so not a problem. The real killer for me now is the seat. I've replaced the stock seat on every bike I've had but to me this is the worst stocker. The seat is much worse an issue than the vibes. I will also say that I test rode a Tracer prior to buying the GT. That Tracer wasn't horrible but it did have more vibes than my GT. I am also a believer in using a good oil and I've had great luck with synthetic (not trying to start a preferred oil discussion!).