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  1. I was surprised how well the stock tires did on a gravel/dirt/mud road, hit 40 mph a few times. even had enough traction for a wheelie. I will be putting some mild offroad tires on soon though along with a higdonian skid plate and crash bars.
  2. I put a amazon kickstand enlarger on. nice if your going to park on soft ground.
  3. good tires. Are you going to do some offroad riding? I just bought a 2017 too. I am going to do some mods for adventure/touring.
  4. that's good to know. I just bought my 2017 and it has about 300 miles on it now. I am still trying to figure out this gas gauge. Probably better off going by mileage.
  5. Yamaha (2015-2019) Tracer 900 includes FJ-09 and MT-09 … probably won't solve your buzzy peg problem, but its a nice adventure peg. FJR pegs will fit the fj-09 and they are said to be much more comfortable then the stock fj-09 peg. wider and have a rubber cover
  6. do you think a v-stream touring would fit on to a madstad bracket?