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  1. let us know how you like that Aerostitch heated vest. are you going to wear it under a jacket?
  2. why is the windsceen melting the dash? is it acting as a magnifying glass? I also have a 17 with a v-stream touring, I have not had any melting, yet
  3. I need to shop for insurance. I am paying $789 a year on my 17 FJ-09 through safeco!
  4. Nice work, I prefer this look over the box being mounted behind the rear seat. Is that the Yamaha comfort seat? How do you like it?
  5. Welcome, Check out the V stream tinted sport screen. Have you ridden chuckanut drive yet?
  6. Yes, now I can fit my tool roll and tire repair kit. I made a wall from a piece of plastic. I have attached a print. Next I need to tidy up the wiring a little.
  7. I cut out the factory tool tray. Now there’s a lot more space
  8. They look to be nice quality bags. I bought them from revzilla. Should be nice for motel stays while traveling
  9. bought some FJR inner bags for my 17 FJ-09 factory FJ luggage
  10. did you buy the 2017-2019 YAMAHA FJ FZ MT-09 TRACER 900 GYTR SHIFTER KIT BS2-E81A0-V0-00 for $132.95 from Amazon? I would like to do the same to my 2017. I am going to be syncing the throttle bodies soon so that would be a good time