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Careful out there


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1 hour ago, cwjb said:

Be careful out there. Mice like tracers too.

Bummer. I came back to my car one summer after some backpacking to find a family of freshly born mice in the foot well. I conjured my inner farmer and put them out onto the cold gravel. I also dug a mountain of rat or mouse crap out of the ventilation system of our truck that had clogged the whole works. I must have pulled out a serious box worth amount of shredded insulation and paper and leaves and crap. Can't blame them. 

One of my favorite EECummings Poems:

Out of the floor, quietly stare, a poisoned mouse, still who alive, is asking, What have I done that you wouldn't have? 

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We live in the woods, been fighting mice a long time.  Both cars have 1/4 in. mesh over the cabin intakes.

FJ has same over the airbox intake. They love chewing through $25 air filters.

They do like the tail section of bikes, ST1300 has had several nests.

I put up 2 of those ultrasonic repell gizmos a foot from the FJ and so far nothing. Heck I didn't believe in them but it's been over a year.

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If you ever encounter a mouse nest, be very careful when removing it, as the droppings, dried urine and nesting material can (when agitated) release hantavirus into the air.  Worst idea is to use compressed air to blow things out.  You DO NOT want to contract hantavirus.  

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I used a shop vac. Fortunately no damage except to the Yamaha tool bag they chewed up. They're the only ones who like it anyway.  I guess I was lucky they didn't chew on the wrench.  Good tip on the ultrasonic repellent. I'll give that a try. 

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