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Auxiliary lights

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Many have done this. Forum search for "aux lights" returns pages of stuff that might be of use. You could browse through that maybe? 🤷‍♂️

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3 hours ago, Stumpyone said:

Hey guys,

what, if any, Aux lights do you have fitted and what recommends do you have? Where are they fitted?


Making recommendations on your lighting needs would be based on how you plan on using them.  Do you only need additional lighting to be more visible to other drivers? ie daytime running lights or will you be doing a lot of riding in the dark and need highway illumination via driving lights?

If you type "motorcycle auxiliary lights" into a Google search you will get plenty of options.



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***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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5 hours ago, Stumpyone said:

Hey guys, what, if any, Aux lights do you have fitted and what recommends do you have? Where are they fitted?


When I had my BMW F800GT, the first owner had installed Clearwater Darla's on it.  IMO, they were a waste of money.  The light was definitely bright, but because of the spread or light spray from them, I ran the lights dimmed most of the time.  When I traded it in and bought the BMW F900 XR, I knew from previous bikes that some of the inexpensive lights on Amazon were just as good and about 20X less expensive.

The first lights I bought for the XR are the COLIGHT 100W Motorcycle Fog Lights 3,0000 LM Amber White lights.  Funky name, but you get used to it on Amazon.  ;)  Bottom line is these have a yellow fog light and white spot light.  The yellow light is a true fog light.  Broad wide beam with a sharp cutoff.  Bright.  The white spot light is extremely tight and the beam is a rectangular pattern.  It is tight enough that you can use it in traffic.



This isn't a "photoshopped" make believe picture.  My mouth dropped when I saw this with my own lights.



I ended up buying a second set of lights.  Why?  Because I made a mistake on hooking these lights up.  There's a blue wire that supposedly cuts off power to the lights when you turn the bike off.  I didn't hook it up since I just wanted to make sure both lights actually worked.  So I thought I had a defective set of lights.  I tried to return them to Amazon and they said keep the lights and they'd give me a refund.  I tried three times to send them back, but the Amazon customer rep wouldn't go for it.  I figured I'd play with them later and see if I could get them to work.  It turned out to be my fault and if I'd hooked up the blue wire, they would've worked on the first try.


So in the meantime, I still wanted aux lights.  My primary purpose was for conspicuity, so I didn't care about turning the night into day, just to be seen.  I bought these and liked them a lot.



Great lights, but they are like the Clearwater Darlas...they aren't a tight focused beam and the light "spray" can be bothersome unless you use the second switch position which is slightly dimmer.


Both sets of lights were mounted to crash bars.  I was looking for the triangular effect.

Between the two sets of lights, if cost is not a problem, I'd go for the COLIGHT.  I see prices have gone up since buying them prior to Christmas.  The COLIGHT was $99, and the second set were $39.  Either way, they are still a deal.  My XR has LED lighting and the low beam is a wide flat beam.  The COLIGHT is aimed so the yellow fog light is just below the XR's low beam...and the white rectangular spot beam is right in the middle of the XR's low beam.  I can run the yellow light all the time which is great for putting more light on the road and for conspicuity.  If more light is wanted, I can just add in the white spot beam.  And then when I hit the XR's high beam, I light up the area  past the rest of the lighting.




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I have some VisionX Optimus lights with amber fog beam covers on them on my Tracer. They do a lot for visibility (others seeing me), and they do a good job of filling in the stock headlights. I find the amber feels more natural mixed with the cool white of the headlights. If I pop off the covers, the beam is a really good spot that will go quite far. I use a Skene dimmer and run them at 50% most of they time, but they go 100% when I hit the high beam switch.

On my other bike, I have the Optimus lights as the main headlights, and a pair of these for aux/fog lights. They work really nicely, and throw a ton of light. The amber is a fog light, shining the light lower with a very clean cutoff. The white shines higher and farther. You can't run both white and amber at the same time on these, but I haven't felt the need to. 

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