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The Rain says 'No', but the FJ's say 'GO!'


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Central Iowa is very wet right now. But we've had a camping trip up to northeastern IA/WI planned for several weeks now. Planning on staying at Pike's Peak Iowa. The rain is supposed to knock it off by mid afternoon and then there is about a 10% chance of rain overnight Friday and all day Saturday. Not too concerned about that. Saturday night and Sunday there are supposed to be possible severe thunderstorms, but I'm stupidly optimistic that they will go away. So for better or worse, both the FJ-09 and the FJR are heading out on a camping trip at 4 PM tonight. 
Water outside:
The wife's FJ-09 packed for camping:
Just installed new PR4GT on my FJR last night:
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So, just got back from the trip. In short, we had a great time. Our stupid optimism was rewarded.
Here is a picture of both bikes packed and ready to leave Friday night:
Originally there were supposed to be 4 couples, with a total of 4 bikes on this trip. One of the couples (with one of the bikes) backed out. My wife and I shared our tent with the couple who owned the Honda VTX 1800, along with their black lab. The third couple camped in the back of their 1980's Chevy Van. By the time we arrived, it was 8 PM, and already dark. Thankfully we made quick work of setting up camp and cooking dinner. Dinner Friday was individual pizza's cooked in the fire with a pie iron. Yum!
The next morning we had pancakes and bacon for breakfast, still haven't seen any rain since leaving Friday afternoon.
The dogs played together while being tied between two adjacent trees.
Saw some pretty great views from Pike's peak, and spent a couple hours walking around the various trails the park has to offer.
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