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Brake Light Sticking On With Rear Brake Usage


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I found that mine was doing the same thing when I went to get my safety inspection.  The spring that pulls the switch was loosening up when the rear brake wasn't pressed so I thought I'd just replace it.  I looked on Bike Bandit and it was marked 'not available to order'.  So I fed it a bunch of WD-40 and worked it some.  It's only been a couple of weeks but it's been good so far.
If it acts up again, I'll look harder for a replacement.  I might even stoop to paying full retail and sales tax at the local dealer.
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Has anyone else experienced their brake light staying on when using the rear brake.  I'm certain it's the micro switch but I was wondering if anyone had an easy fix.
FJR's are notorious for doing this as the factory didn't seem to think it needs to put any grease on the brake pedal pivot. I can't imagine the FJ is any different. Take off the pedal, clean it, and grease it, and that should solve the problem.
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Make sure the spring is installed correctly. See if the sharp ends are hanging up on any parts of the bike when actuated. Mine was and I reversed the spring mounting direction and all is good.
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I just noticed this 3 nights ago. I found the switch to be sticking and was able to "loosen" it up by using a pick to manually work it. It does seem like the spring might have weakened but I only have 1133 miles on it and never use the back brake. I'm gonna squirt some electronic cleaner up in the switch piston hole and see if it helps.
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After reading the many posts on this issue I was able to set the spring properly and clean and lube both pieces involving the brake light.  Ya gotta love WD40.  Problem solved for now.  The spring really feels much tighter now than compared to before.  Thanks for all the great info posted.
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