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Traxxion Dynamics AK-20 DIY Installed


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I have had my FJ-09 since May 2015.  I told myself I would upgrade the forks after 2-years for the service interval.  The stock suspension was not adequate for my 210 pounds (particularly since I always have the hard bags on and another 15 lbs of tools/gear) and was extremely harsh over the sharp edge bumps (teeth rattlers).  I have not been able to take as many weekend trips and only have 7,800 miles on the FJ.  
I looked at the Forks by Matt (excellent resource), Andreani, Matris, Hyperpro and Traxxion offerings.  I opted to go with Traxxion as they were now offering a DIY kit to replace the stock cartridges and provide compression damping (left leg) and rebound damping (right leg) with the correct spring rates and fork oil for my weight and riding style.  This kit includes the Traxxion valve caps.  There are a number of reviews on the site (all positive) of folks that either went to Traxxion, mailed their forks to Traxxion or installed the kit.  Parts arrived in less than a week from time of order.  I was unable to find many photos of the components or finished product.
Installation took a total of four hours.  This was possible with a few things: a factory service manual, a pit bull triple tree stand (#4 pin with collar), the Traxxion inverted fork tool kit (everything you need), and an extra set of hands to slide the jam nut plate in once springs were compressed.  Thanks to Dan Anderson at Traxxion for answering all of my questions up front.  The recommended settings from Traxxion put the dynamic sag of the bike within 2 mm of optimum.  Another 1/2 turn and she was spot on.  The rebound bounce test was perfect (the fork extends to just past and settles immediately without bounce).  The compression circuit was going to get a good test on these North Dallas concrete roads with sharp edge construction joints everywhere....
A 60 mile ride test The ride is now firmly planted in all conditions and the front end no longer feels light when coming to a stop.  The suspension now soaks up the sharp edge bumps and the bike is smoother throughout the speed range.  There is very little fork dive and braking is even more controlled.  Any remaining jostling is due to the fact that I can now tell what the rear shock is doing since my arms and teeth aren't being rattled.  I will get 4 or 5 circuits in on my favorite local roads before making any adjustments to the compression circuit to see if it could be even better.  I'm not usually one to talk about night and day differences, but this is the TRUTH!
This just makes the FJ-09 even more fun!!!  Here are some selected photos from the installation - I did not take any while filling and bleeding the forks (needed both hands).  Thanks again to Dan Anderson and Traxxion for putting together a great kit!
Please note that the yellow wax was from my temporary mark to set rebound.  The brake fluid reservoir prevented me from using my 10 mm T handle and I needed a reference to count my turns.
I am looking forward to many more miles (and maybe a new rear shock along the way)!  Be-safe and keep encouraging more folks to ride (and work on) motorcycles.
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I did the RaceTech springs & revalving, along with an Ohlins YA535 shock, and although I've been really happy with the results, looking at that AK-20 setup has me thinking I maybe should have gone that route. Very nice!
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I also went with the Traxxion front forks in combination with the Penske rear shock a little over a year ago. I agree with the poster that it makes a world of difference in the handling and control confidence that the rider gets.
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Second 60 mile circuit in and am absolutely loving the new front suspension.  Dan at Traxxion indicated that cartridge and spacer dimensions result in measuring from the top of the cap similar to stock suspension.  I am at 10 mm which I initially added to reduce the "light" feeling of the FJ.  The bike no longer seems to have a bias against right hand corners whatsoever (re-centering after fork install - placebo - whatever).  Controlled and confidence inspiring.
The rear seems to be working now that my teeth aren't rattling over the North Dallas construction joints.  I would love for the Lee Parks Total Control Advance Rider Clinic to come to town or participate in a RideSmart track day to learn what I'm missing (or how good it could be).  
I will say that the confident front end certainly makes riding in A-mode much more fun.  The engine braking and acceleration is direct and controlled without that front end dive or lift.  Found myself riding more in the 6,500-7,500 rpm range - even smoother on the vibrations....
I recommend that anyone on an FJ seriously consider suspension upgrades (and skills training) to enhance performance.  The limits we perceive are only between our ears.  This is one fun motorcycle.  Do your research (this forum has lots of resources) and break that mental boundary to upgrading your suspension.  You will be glad you did.
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I recommend that anyone on an FJ seriously consider suspension upgrades (and skills training) to enhance performance.  The limits we perceive are only between our ears.
I agree 100%   Properly setup suspension and a rider instructional course or track day will benefit you infinitely more than a $1,000 exhaust.  Faster, safer and more in control. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I ordered the AK-20's and a Penske 8983 rear shock shortly after buying the bike in 2015. This forum had a deal where we got some percent off the total. Such a worthwhile upgrade!
2015 FJ-09
2006 Triumph Daytona 675
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