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zx6r shock change oil and install prosedure


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Hi to all of u!!!
Someone in this forum change his fj shock with a kawasaki shock, and fit it with reservoir upwards. I can' t find his post to ask if he has any issues like touching @ tank or something like that.
I have a zx6r and thinking to fit it this way with reservoir up.
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So, after some time, i was here to share with all of you, the procedure with pics swapping the OEM shock with
the zx6r 08 from showa.
Well i' ll start from disassembly the shock, even though I was thinking of going to someone specialist,
i deside to do it alone.
So i find something living in the shaft that i think you don't find them often. A spring behind the seal head!!!
p><p> <a href=https://s22.postimg.cc/h661mkijl/IMG_2381.jpg' alt='IMG_2381.jpg'>
Took off to inspect and clean the high and low speed dumping knobs 
Found some wear @ the rubber lives in the nitrogen tank, but can be reusable. It just does not have a polished surface.  
This happen due to the sharp surface inside the tank.
I' m thinking to make the surface smoother by rubbing it with sandpaper.
I found in the garage a bottle of Torco fork oil, I had used about a year ago.
What's left is enough for the shock but I think it's heavy for the "showa' s stomach".
So i deside to byu and use a 10 or 7 grade not 15 i all ready have.
Sorry for my language...
I'll be bask soon with news!!! 
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Update 2: The shock is filled up with Golden Spectro shock oil (ultra light) and reassembled!!
While waiting for suzuki parts,
i will change air valve core for prudential reasons (hope to find in a tire shop) and gonna fill with nitrogen (about 140 psi) spring will go for powder coat (black color) next Monday and...will see!!!
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Update 3: Spring ready!!
Powder coated black matt!
Until suzuki parts come in, the nitrogen will be in place.
But still have some doubt if all this works, due to the length of the suspension with same linkage. I do not want to shorten it as I originally thought, in order not to lose the useful route.
Time will tell!
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So, here again after a week.
With bolt and bushing from Suzuki @ my hands like picture above shows, today I tried to install the shock absorber, but I did not manage to put it in place. It was difficult due to lack of space down there.
I wonder why any of the friends here who have done the project ever mentioned this difficulty.
Unfortunately I had to leave for my job and I will continue tomorrow.
I think I must remove the plastic tray in frond of tank bolts, or it will need to get the exhaust out of my way to give me the necessary clearance
because now the swing arm touches the back of the exhaust.
We' ll see!!
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I have a hyabusa shock with the nitrogen tank facing up towards the fuel tank.
To get it fit correctly, you have to un-plug all the wires around the plastic in that area.
Pull them back out of the way, and you can tape them back for clearance to work if you want.
Then using a high speed dremel type tool, and cutting bit, I zipped the plastic out of the way so the new Hyabusa shock fits fine.
Then since I had the lower linkage from the Huyabusa shock, I just slipped the bore out of the bearing, and used the smaller diameter bolt that came with the Busa shock and linkage. My used shock was nearly brand new, the Busa had 1200 miles on it when wrecked.
Then zip tied off the wires after plugging them all back together, and as a side note, it REALLY helps to have a friend around to help move the swing arm up and down while you fit the shock. I used a combination of blocks, paint sticks, center stand and a buddy to get my shock into place with minimal lost skin and combinations of swear words.
Result is a much more adjustable shock, higher rate spring than the stock FJ09, and for me that's just fine. I'm like two up riding all the time. :)
Really have not moved the adjustment needles around however. The stock Busa setting has worked really well for me, the shock is not as harsh, but works great in the curves, and does not beat me up on long broken pavement bumps.
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I have a hyabusa shock with the nitrogen tank facing up towards the fuel tank.
adjuster thanks for the reply!
Finally i manage to install the shock (tank face down), with out cutting the plastic tray. Not easy job though.
Difficult part also was to torque mounting bolt to the linkage ( not enough clearance) so i torque by “hand”.
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All settings are @ full clockwise and i’ ll start with sag next couple days.

That should be quite a harsh un-enjoyable ride, the settings are fully closed, maximum damping.
Maybe open it 1/3 for starters.  Count the number of clicks from full open to full closed and for example, if you have 15 clicks, back it off 5 clicks from fully closed. 
You can always add or subtract more damping but fully closed will feel terrible.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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