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KN 204 oil filter recall

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I heard kn filters were banned on one of the track day orgs due to leaking or failing.
phuck that noise. I am using OEM. Not worth saving $2. And the filter is good for a little more than a hand tight. Easy achievable with a wrapper tool.
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I use the hi-flo version of this oil filter part# HF204RC that has the same welded nut for removal. I am pretty sure that hi-flo makes K&N oil filters but there is no mention of hi-flo in the recall. I also own a Triumph Sprint GT and over the summer on the Triumph Rat.net forum a few members had KN-204 failures. 
I am a brand new member and cant wait to pick up my new (to me) 2016 FJ-09 tomorrow. This is my first response to a post.

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Right from the K&N website: https://www.knfilters.com/recallkn204?mc_cid=1dcd18c25f&mc_eid=36ab09eae9
Well, crap.
Just checked mine, sure enough the one on the bike & spare on the shelf are recall affected.
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Thanks for the heads up bugsplatered. I got a few in 2015 when I purchased my FJ. Dated 10-2015 and apparently not involved, though they look almost identical. Date codes are on the filter side and not on the top as pictured. Must be something with the welding process. The filters I've already used and currently have on my bike have had no issues with leaking. 
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