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Ebay rubber footpegs

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I also got a set of ebay cheapo pegs… for an fjr….13$ CANADIAN.  took a couple wks to get, minimal effort to install…and like them much better than stock 

Heaps of members here have these fitted (me included) - they are so cheap it seems impossible, but they also seem to work well!  AUD $14 - pretty much the same as your CDN$13... a bargain!

Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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I bought 2 pair, to replace both rider and passenger pegs. Rider pegs were a simple swap out. Used original springs and installed the short feelers that came with them.
Passenger pegs required some modification. Nothing a rainy Saturday evening and a couple beers couldn't take care of.
Once the old pegs are off, you will notice the detent plate, ball bearing and spring to hold the pegs in the up position. Take care not to lose the ball!
I lined up the old and new pegs on a rod (drill bit) and noted some material would need ground off to match the profile of the original ones. Note the blue marking on the pic.
Once the profile was ground down and confirmed with trial fit, it was time to address the detent. The replacement pegs are cast different than the originals and you will not be able to use the springs for the detent.
I decided to drill the hole for the ball on the bottom edge of the peg, since the top location was near the beveled edge.
Drill down until the ball just peaks out of the peg. There needs to be some interference between the ball and detent plate when the peg is pivoted, to keep the peg in the up position. A bit of grease in the hole keeps the ball in place for assembly.
And there ya go! New rubber pegs for rider and passenger!
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@sirepair - Very nicely done! I almost never carry a passenger, but still love the planning and execution here.. I may do it ‘just because’
Thanks for documenting the steps.
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