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MCCruise Sale

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Haven't ordered mine yet...but I will be. Just trying to decide a few final details:
1) MCCruise switch, OEM FJR switch, or OEM Super Centre switch (which also means FJR or Super Tenere patch harness. I prefer the "stock" look of the OEM switches, and am leaning towards the Super 10 switch/harness, due to switch cost.
2) Order direct from MCCruise, or order from a local authorized dealer/installer (California, USA).
3) Install myself, or pay installed to "ease my time-constrained pain". While I'm more than capable of installing myself (you should have seen all the work I did on my previous bike, a 2006 Suzuki SV650S), due to my job as a professional chauffeur, my "available time" is fairly limited, plus comes in small time blocks here & there.
What I can say is this - I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to having something the FJ-09 should have had in the first place, even if it added $500-750 to the original cost. Given the option, I'd be willing to bet that most buyers would have been more than willing to pay the additional amount to have cruise control pre-installed.
~ Ride Safe, and Ride Long
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I installed mine shortly after buying my bike, yes, it is expensive but I do a lot of multi-day rides and to me it is worth it’s weight in gold.
I ordered the Tenere switch block and patch harness and love how everything is integrated as if it was a factory feature.
Concerning the install, they give you VERY detailed and descriptive installation and setup instructions but it is time consuming. You will have to strip it down to the air box and will have to wire in pins onto the TPS, ECU and ignition coil. I took about 7 hours on mine but some of that was tidying up wires under the tank and seat.

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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This is an absolute must, in my opinion, if you do long rides.  
I purchased mine with the standard 3 button switch from MCCruise.   The directions are truly outstanding and EASY to follow and understand.  
If it is electrical or electronic I can screw it up easier than Clinton did Monica.  Yet the directions were so good I was able to do it in about 4 hours; cradle to grave.  I.E. Plastic off to Plastic On.  And about 1/2 hour to sync / program the control.  And if I can do it .... anyone can!! :)   Worth every penny.
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