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Underseat storage McGuyvered


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Copy at your own risk....
Lamenting the lack of on m/c storage on the FJ, I didn't want to use up precious tank bag space for a tire repair kit. 
A 5L dry bag holds a can of 'inflate-a-flat' and a plug kit. Two short bungee cords attach it to the licence plate/turn signal stay.
I know it wasn't designed for that purpose, and that weight is a consideration. 
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A sad reflection on where I live, but I’m sure that would disappear the first time I parked up in town. It will also get pretty filthy when riding.
As an alternative, I have a plug kit with three CO2 cartridges that fits perfectly under the rear seat, just under the latch area if you trim the plastic away from the tool tray. Out of sight, clean and tidy.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Great iidea. I am dealing with the same problem. I saw a vendor online that made a bike specific bag for the exact spot. I just can't find who it was again to buy one. Does any body know out there? Keep us in the loop how it works.
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