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Brake Fluid reservoir replacement.

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Not sure about you guys, but the ONLY thing I don't like about my bike is that the window for the front brake reservoir is on the front, rather than the back where the rider could easily see it.  I was looking at one of these (yes I know it's for the rear brakes) and was brainstorming a way to use it on the front brakes.  Since the current res/brake housing/mirror are one molded piece, I'm trying to think of ways to "mod" the housing with my dremel, but not sure if that would work.  The res is a big part of the damn housing.  Any ideas?
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I think it’s more annoying that they don’t have a second window on the other side, to let light shine through, so you could check both the level and the colour of the fluid. The version you’ve linked to gets around this nicely, but I’ve no idea how you would fit it. The Brembo radial master cylinder uses what looks like a rear brake reservoir.
But, in the wider scheme of life, having to look at the level from the front once in a while is definitely a first-world problem.

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will work with a radial master cylinder but not the front brake one on the FJ-09... I really wouldnt "mod" the stock one to fit the part in question due to the system needing to be "air tight" to fuction properly... and the only reason I know the window is in front is entertain the brake fluid, give it a glimpse of the world ?
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No! Would not recommend "modding" the front MC on the FJ. I would suggest finding a cheap radial MC and using that instead. If you poke around a little, you can find suggestions on what others have done. This will improve your braking and give you visibility of the fluid levels.

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