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Re finishing Givi engine bars


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I need a bit of advice with my Givi engine bars.
After 2 yearson my old bike, they are pretty corroded and bubbled up in places. i can set the flaky stuff of with the drill and wire brush attachment but the rest of the finish is being a bugger to remove (powder coat?) Anyone with any ideas on how to remove it easily or should i just pint it with plasticoat or something?
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If you want to re- powder coat the bars, they should be able to media blast them prior to coating them.
They will almost certainly want to media blast them first.

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I got a sanding pad from screwfix that stripped it off in seconds. it did mark the metal a bit when i got a bit enthusiastic! but then i used high build primer, black matt and semi mat laquer. which I had used matt Laquer really.
but looks good.
fitting them this weekend
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Any coater worth their salt will media blast the metal first to make sure it's prepared to the exact standard they need for coating.
I've exactly the same problem on my givi engine bars and the trekker luggage rails. The givi bars for my vfr750 still look pristine, definite drop in quality.
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