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Ride to Little Switzerland, NC


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Great to see photos of mid-winter rides. Up here in New England there is so much salt on the roads, I can almost hear the fasteners on my bikes corroding by the minute. 

I've been lucky enough to have ridden in the Blue Ridge area quite often in the past 15 years and a stay at the Big Lynn Lodge is always an excellent part of those rides.

-- Joe

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Just now, brewhaha said:

@clint are those FJR bags? if so, are they a direct fit? or do you need new brackets as well? thanks

Yes, those are FJR bags. Direct fit with the existing FJ brackets. No mods necessary.

Piedmont of NC
'15 FJ-09
'94 GTS-1000
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I did the same mod on my GT.  Wanted to be able to put a FF helmet in the side bags.

Going to be down in the Blue Ridge and Smokies the first week of May.  Looking forward to riding in the Little Switzerland area.  There will be an obligatory visit to the Mast General Store in Valle Crucis... 

Wish we lived closer.


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