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Hi from Israel


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Hi Everyone,

I very recently got back on a motorcycle, after a 5-year break following an accident where I shattered my wrist.

So now I have a new-to-me 2017 MT-09 Tracer (European market naming here) waiting for our next adventure. It has 19K km, and I even managed to snag a lava red model -- very rare here (*).

Unlike all previous bikes I've had, this will be primarily for fun & road trips, and less for daily "administrative" riding -- when I have my kids, I use a car, and when not, a bicycle; I live in an urban area. I've only taken one actual trip so far, but it's really great to be back ūüėÄ

I've previously ridden a variety of bikes, all on-road; I really like the bike so far.

I received the bike fairly heavily farkled by local standards, but not necessarily with the things I'd have done. Next things that need doing:

  • Rear carrier for Givi/Kappa Monokey case (day-to-day riding is impossible here with the width of the Givi V35 panniers that came with the bike; previous owners had them painted the exact shade of the bike, however, and they look gorgeous)
  • Find a large magnetic tank bag that'll work with the bike in terms of tank shape/slope. No candidates so far, which is a bit worrying (I really dislike strap/tank ring mounts).
  • Probably replace the windscreen. Previous owner put on a smoke Yamaha screen, but it's the same height/shape as the stock. I suspect even the best 3d-party solution won't be nearly as good as a designed-in decent quarter- or handlebar fairing would have been (the kind that has the screen form a windproof half-bubble together with bodywork). Anywaym more road trips and experimentation with the stock screen's positioning is needed first¬† (-;

I'll be posting for advice on some of those things in the relevant subforums. For now, rubber side up!

(and yes, pics will follow... I have to clean the bike first, something I'm usually too lazy for¬† ūü§Ē)

(*)previous owner is manager of a huge regional Mercedes garage, very well connected in the automotive/moto sector. He basically managed to get the importer to special-order it for him, which is unheard of here. I also saw the prices he paid for the services that were done so far, since he gave me all the receipts. Basically half price...

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welcome to the forum @wavelet. Sounds like you got a good deal then.

Clip on tank bags, that fix to a tank ring are a great solution by the way. The tank ring is very unobtrusive and being able to securely attach the bag quickly is really useful. There is a wide choice of bags too. 

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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Thanks for the welcome, everyone (-: 

(I do note that for some reason, this subforum has a lot of Canadians.
I'm impressed that Canadians in the cold provinces ride at all, given the short riding season)

BBB, I definitely got a good deal -- both on the price, and the bike looks like it came out of the showroom last week. That's not going to last with me as owner (-;
Bikes are really expensive here -- a new Tracer 900 (non-GT) costs the equivalent of US$21300 / £16500 (incl. our VAT), and so is insurance; owning multiple bikes is therefore quite rare,  so a do-it-all bike like the Tracer is a definite advantage. At least we do have a decent riding season.

As for tank bags, I don't quite see the point of tank cap ring mounts. Besides the added cost, you're then limited to bags compatible with the specific ring system, and can't fine-tune the position of the bag on the tank. At least for the ones I've seen mounted, It also seems to me that spreading the weight over more area would work better. YMMV, I expect (-:
I've posted a request for recommendations in the General Discussions subforum.

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I've been to Israel twice and driven a cage but never rode a motorcycle there; would love to ride the mountain roads in the north but would be a bit concerned with opposite cagers sharing my lane.

The position of tank filler ring bags can be fine tuned and if you had another bike, you'd just get another ring for it need be.  I like my SW-Mototech Engage bag a lot.

I do have a very small Nelson-Rig magnetic tank bank that works on my also red 2015 FJ-09 (bought new in July 2016, now with only 27,000 or so miles because this last season I seem to have worked 7/24 and only ride for sport) but due to the plastic tank shroud, larger bags are few and far between.

Living in Skokie, IL we have maybe a 9 month riding season but as when I lived in San Diego, Israel is a 365 proposition.  Just become an ATGAT rider; Brosh makes decent stuff for you locally.

BTW, have any decent road racing tracks been built in Israel?

◊Ę◊ď ◊©◊†◊§◊í◊©




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Hello from Cajun Land Louisiana. My Mom is a Covert/Fisher from NJ, that's my Jewish side and my last name is Lowery, which is Irish. My Dad was red hair and freckles all over. I'm a native Louisianian, conceived in New Orleans.  Always wanted to go to Isreal but haven't made it. Always wanted to go to Greece and Amsterdam too.  Hey, I'm just turning 60 so there is still time. Welcome to the forum, friendly bunch of folks here from all over. Enjoy that FJ, it is a HOOT!

Ain't no fun when the rabbit gets the gun!

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Shalom from Canada..like 2and3cylinders stated the SW-motech engage tank works great and can be replaced with any other SW-motech bag easily.

I just offset my 7 month riding season with a couple of months of snowmobiling.  Now you can't do that in Israel can you!  

wavelet...congrats on the new ride!

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