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  1. that one is on the top of my list ...if you don't mind...how much and where?? looks awesome BTW
  2. i feel the same way @Husqy, here i am on the dragon from may. whereabouts did you stay? we were in Walland TN and we had to go through the dragon to get anywhere....what a shame.
  3. me too...nothing but great reviews for both.
  4. I am just looking to see what you guys/girls are using for changing your own tires. I have 2 bikes and soon to be 3 and it can get costly to send everything to a shop to get changed and balanced. What are you using to break the beads? I don't want to get sucked into a tool that is cheap and going to break after i use it a couple of times. Even if you have some good links to get the tools at a reasonable price. I have a set of spoons and rim protectors ...but breaking the beads are not easy without the proper tools.
  5. i here the bagster gets some good reviews but i would give Terry Adcox a call and talk to him first. if you like what you hear it's your decision. at $250us it's a really great deal ...i swear by mine.
  6. yes it is...keeps you from sliding up into the tank. i'm 5'7" and i am on my toes and balls of my feet
  7. i can't say enough good things about my terry adcox seat. my sargent was way better than my stock seat but terry's seat is that much better. for $250 us for a custom seat made to order I think it is great value for your dollar
  8. i'll keep an eye on this topic if i can make it
  9. @com3 I take it that you are happy with the traction with the raven over the stock rear?
  10. I have been reading a lot of articles on tires lately because I am getting ready to replace my stockers that have just rolled 12,000kms. I am particularly interested in peoples experience with Shinko brand tires( already know about Michelins, Dunlops, Perellis ...etc.) I have had an eye on the 016 Verge X2 tires and the 009 Ravens. The price point is attractive for sure. I am not a big rain rider or road racer but I do like to push it a little when the road gets twisty. So far the stock D222's have been adequate for the most part but I have noticed what others have stated about traction when it gets colder out or wet. So I guess i'm looking for input on longevity, traction in wet, dry and cold or any other info you could share.
  11. This windshield is like new. Used for around 200km. It works very well in blocking the wind and keeping you warm on cold days. No scratches or chips. Comes with FJ-09 mount kit. It's just too much windshield for me. I like more air on me so instead of this getting damaged moving around the garage I will cut my losses now while it is still like new. $100.00 cdn will take it. Located in Innisfil, Ontario
  12. after reading your post @cruizin I looked into this product further and liked what I was seeing. So I bought some and put it on every leather thing I owned. Our baseball gloves feel amazing now and our boots have been restored to their original condition or better. So far so good with everything I have treated...not oily feeling at all....seems to be absorbed into the leather as opposed to sitting on the surface on the leather. nice stuff.
  13. After heading to Tennessee from north of Toronto to ride some of their amazing roads, and putting on a little over 4000kms, the last 1339kms were the most amazing for me. It wasn't the roads or the scenery. It was being able to put those 1339kms on with no pain and very little discomfort. I got my seat back from Terry late last season and was able to put about 400km on it before the bike went away for the winter, but I knew I had something special here. I had a few short rides to start our spring season with all of the rain we have been having to get ready for my Tennessee ride. My ride started by watching my fellow riding buddies standing on their pegs within an hour or so and this went on for the whole trip down, which we did in two days. All of the following days riding the same things were happening....then I realized that I haven't been standing at all...nothing but sitting on my seat and using my highway pegs once and while. Now the true test was the last day heading home. We left early and was making good time. I rode straight home in 300km stretches between fuel stops and when I got home 1339km later I felt awesome...could have rode some more and couldn't believe it. If anybody is considering purchasing a seat, I would strongly recommend talking to Terry at Terry"s custom seats. The best $250 I have spent to date....not to mention the Givi crash bars with the highway pegs.
  14. welcome from innisfil ontario