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  1. i looks like you have the delkevic exhaust on there...how do you like it?? any sound clips by chance??
  2. showed that to my wife and now she wants me to make one for her bike. she hates moving her bike around in the garage to leave...ok so now i need the details on the build.๐Ÿคจ really cool idea ..nice job
  3. send one of your seats to Terry at Terry's custom seats in tennessee and he will fix you right up. absolutely love mine.
  4. stumpy


    if you have a set of Givi crash bars on your bike, I would be sure to add a set of highway pegs on them. I am amazed at how much longer i can ride with them and my terry adcox seat.
  5. i just mounted a set of Angel GT's and wow...what a difference. so much more confident grip while cornering! now to put a few miles on them and see how they last me.
  6. My wifes Kawasaki versys key is like lead. Twists in the ignition ...junk
  7. thats ok...just spreading some experience. as long as you got it done thats all that matters..๐Ÿ‘
  8. to bad my son had a baseball tournament this weekend...wanted to attend. post more pics if you have them.
  9. you don't have to remove anything...with the bike on the center stand, loosen one side pinch bolts just enough that you can rotate and twist up the fork up to your desired height and then re-torque. repeat on the other side. it only takes about 10 mins to do this.
  10. i would double check the torque on the clamps bolts for sure
  11. that one is on the top of my list ...if you don't mind...how much and where?? looks awesome BTW
  12. i feel the same way @Husqy, here i am on the dragon from may. whereabouts did you stay? we were in Walland TN and we had to go through the dragon to get anywhere....what a shame.
  13. me too...nothing but great reviews for both.
  14. I am just looking to see what you guys/girls are using for changing your own tires. I have 2 bikes and soon to be 3 and it can get costly to send everything to a shop to get changed and balanced. What are you using to break the beads? I don't want to get sucked into a tool that is cheap and going to break after i use it a couple of times. Even if you have some good links to get the tools at a reasonable price. I have a set of spoons and rim protectors ...but breaking the beads are not easy without the proper tools.
  15. i here the bagster gets some good reviews but i would give Terry Adcox a call and talk to him first. if you like what you hear it's your decision. at $250us it's a really great deal ...i swear by mine.