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  1. i'll second @showmerider on the mc cruise. top of my list santa!
  2. i have the helibars on mine and it sets me right where i wanted to be. looks almost like a stock part
  3. @mingo what dealer in ontario was selling GT's at that price? every ad i have seen is a lot more than 9500us
  4. @1moreroadlooks like you have an awesome pit crew. You have a great excuse now to get some awesome tires!
  5. Anlas Wintergrip Plus M+S i had no idea that anything like this existed. and i live in canada! i prefer my rear tire to be a 137' x 1.25" and my front tire to be two skis. 😎
  6. with a big enough windshield you could fire up that pipe too! ...that would be awesome!
  7. @wordsmith Going to miss the articles you wrote. You always lived up to your online name...very appropriate name. Had no idea you were that young! Hoping that I can ride until your ripe young age, it would make me feel that I have won the game of life! Don't leave too soon...there is still a lot of knowledge in that mind of yours ...maybe post some writings of your past experiences in motorcycling in the one of the other sections. I would be interested to read them.
  8. Ya I know... it makes getting parts up here in Canada more difficult having to order the stuff from the UK and Europe. But there is quite a bit of stuff available still.
  9. I have been looking for a while here in Canada for a Wednesday night bike/ pound and pint night bike/ something a little different bike. This is what I ended up getting to scratch that "itch". 2007 MT-01 with 8200kms on the dial. Super clean and ready to stomp...and stomp it does! All torque at 3000rpm to 5000rpm. It'll vibrate your eyes out of your sockets if in a certain rev range....but man it has soul. These bikes are different that is for sure. Still handle reasonably well with all fully adjustable suspension and a good set of tires to handle the gobs of torque exiting a turn. Quite an attention getter when stopped with other bikers at the coffee shop.
  10. the same tires i have. you will like them. quality skins.
  11. i also have a penske that was ordered for my style of riding and it works well for me over the stock shock. i had the race tech gold valves put in my front forks and also work well for me...i push it a bet here and there and seems like i can't outride the suspension. but all the suspension in the world won't help the stock tires if you still have them on. congrats on the new bike! @ecoker21
  12. I do the same. I could not believe how much air I took out after my first ride on the bike when I got it. I thought I needed stainless steel lines right from the beginning but the bleeding made a big difference along with the HH pads.