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  1. welcome from innisfil ontario
  2. tried the spacers and not much difference to me. ended up putting the stock windscreen back on and was happier with that even though the wind protection was less...the buffeting was gone. There was no way I could ride for any highway distance with the kappa screen, my eyeballs would shake out of my head.
  3. welcome and congrats on your new bike. you will find a lot of great info here.
  4. i just did the spacers on the top about the same 3/8' with some rubber faucet washers. I'll see how that works tomorrow on a quick tour.
  5. I have searched around and can't find where i had seen some people having some buffeting problems with this screen. I have some issues with mine buffeting and I am 5'7''. When I use a clamp on screen deflector it all goes away but now I look directly at that clamp...which I can't look at much longer without going crazy looking at it. I read on here or somewhere else in where someone was modifying the mounting of the screen with spacers to redirect the air over their helmets. Does this ring a bell with anyone about those mods....I leave for Tennessee in a few weeks and would love to get the screen sorted out. It's going to be a little cool when we leave so I would like the protection of this screen. Thanks in advance
  6. I use a couple of sjcams for snowmobiling and they work well. They use all the gopro mounts so you can find just about any type of mount possible. I got mine through amazon and there are tons of reviews on them. They can take the abuse of the way I ride a snowmobile so they must be pretty good. I'm not up on the latest cameras because mine are 2-3 years old but check out their website and the youtube reviews, lots of info there. SJCAM : Action Camera Price Online | Action Cameras For Sale | Best Action Cam 2019 SJCAM.COM SCJAM is a leader in the Action Camera market because SJCAM constantly evolves to satisfy market demands. Capture Everything Around You.
  7. looks good. love that combo. where abouts in ontario are you located? i'm in ontario too
  8. @DeepSix ..just like norcal616 stated, you have to turn off the "wheelie wire" with the TCS button for the fun to begin.
  9. mine fit with a little gap...once you get the bolts started the clamps will grab the bar. it just takes a bit of wiggling around to make them fit. I know what you mean about thinking they don't fit at first, I thought the same thing. I also have the same part number as yours too.
  10. Ok...i'm convinced @superfist...my wife and I need this horn for our bikes. Thanks for sharing.
  11. welcome @taylormade21 , i am sure you will get a lot of feedback here on this site for your future purchase. good group of people here.
  12. i think i will be able to help you since i have both. both of them are 2016's and quite different in the power delivery. The versys, in my opinion would be the better choice as your first big bike...and it could even be your last. it is a really nice bike and very comfy. power delivery is very smooth and has more than enough to get you out and into trouble. I found that it rode nicer/smoother than my FJ09 also. there is a lot of room on it to for taller riders. not to fussy on the stock windshield though. 70 ish horsepower is not bad in a bike that weighs about 15lbs more than the tracer. i could go on but if you have any specific questions i'd be glad to try to answer them
  13. exactly what i have mastered too....now i don't feel so smart...lol
  14. i really like my Engage bag. use it every ride.
  15. So I went for my first ride yesterday with my new Kappa 2122DTK windshield. It definitely blocks much more wind than the stock screen but I now am getting some nasty buffeting. I'm 5'7" and the farther I sit back the worse it gets. I have seen these Puig clip on deflectors and wonder if anyone has used them on a Givi or Kappa touring screen and how were the results?