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  1. being in the UK...have you gave LexTek a look...nice product
  2. @captfire22 that Deere looks like it is in really nice shape..340 or a 440?
  3. Welcome from here in Canada. From one cold place to another❄️
  4. Bonjour, you'll enjoy this place i'm sure. welcome.
  5. have a coffee or a beer and watch some of dave moss' videos on set up...here is a good one to start with
  6. i remember seeing that bike in the vids on your site. nice wrap on it. different.
  7. check out aliexpress. i found they were the cheapest and for the same levers. took about 2 weeks to canada for free shipping.
  8. you can always justify a purchase if there is great discounts....😉
  9. i know...but the free shipping helps and i think mine was on sale and was cheaper than getting one from Stoltec at the time. exchange rate and duty mess a lot of good deals up for us canucks.
  10. i picked up a penske 8983 from bayside performance in vancouver. ordered and set up to my weight and style. works very well over the stock one. as for the front forks, i had race tech valves installed with new springs and oil at mission cycle in angus...really stopped the dive and made the ride much nicer. i'm no racer but the bike feels so much more connected to the road now. I think i paid around 1200 shipped for the penske and around 800 for the race tech valves and installation ...cdn dollars of course accelerated technologies in buckhorn, just outside bobcaygeon, offers a whole slew of shocks and suspension services. I found out about them after i bought my stuff. hope this helps
  11. Well I decided on the Givi V47NNT case. I ordered one from Twisted Throttle Canada yesterday afternoon and it came this morning around 10am!! holy crap that was fast! Only problem is..it won't take my 2 Bell star helmets...not a real big deal ...but a bit disappointed. Awesome looking case on the bike...the carbon fibre look matches the bike perfectly. Thanks for all of the input...but I was nervous with the Shad situation in Canada...I know I could get stuff from off shore or U.S. ...but I did like the look a bit better.
  12. I just ordered a givi case and mount yesterday afternoon form Twisted Throttle in Canada and the stuff arrived this morning before 11am! I've ordered from them before and got it a couple of days later...but wow! less than 24hrs? ...wow.
  13. I have to repost this awesome pic of the "thumbs up" you spoke of. Great pic and beautiful reflection of Fay. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks for the heads up cruizin...but that is the U.S. and i'm in canada and their site doesn't have them on sale right now. but i am looking at the Givi V47NNT case also...i really like the look of it now that i have seen it on a few bikes in photos...decisions...decisions....
  15. ...maybe I should take a look at the Givi too...