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  1. just wait until you plant your arse on terrys seat....the stock seat will become horrible.๐Ÿ˜‰
  2. a little tongue in cheek on the orange peel comment. don't have to worry about stone chips!!
  3. Welcome @Senior Rider, maybe just a seat for comfort but you will know if you need one once you get to ride it for a while. My main things one my bike for comfort was a new seat and highway pegs. Great combo for long haul comfort. The GT is a really good bang for the buck...but like anything..we always like to tweak things to our liking. that's the fun of it though.
  4. that's some serious orange peel on the paint...wondering why??
  5. congrats ....looks good! always exciting getting a new ride.
  6. i'm 5'7" and i grab my left bar with my left hand, left foot on left peg a fling my right leg over.(no the side stand) on my centre stand i do the same, put it in gear, rock it, clutch it and go. got that one down to a fine science ...lol. my buddies think i'm nuts...but envious i'm sure๐Ÿ˜Ž
  7. I would have to say get what you will need right off the bat(gps mount, cel phone mount, tank bag etc...everyone is different). Then ride the bike and you will figure out what you need to make it comfortable for you. In my case I had to get a custom seat right away because the '16 FJ09 seat is a torture device(the newer seat seems a bit better). Then after riding it on a few longer day rides I knew I needed to get some highway pegs mounted due to my bad hip so I could stretch it out to extend my day. My Helibars handlebar riser was also excellent in adding comfort for me also. Then came the Givi top case, rubber foot pegs, power port and coming this winter MC Cruise control....then I think I will be done. As you can see my needs were different than others on here, all great suggestions mind you. Once you ride it a get a couple of miles on it....then come back here and get some great info on the things you are looking for. Welcome to the forum @DaBizness
  8. "As much as I hate sending my money to China" That was the line that started me on my China rant....It bothers me to see most tags on product that is made over there and very few in U.S.A or Canada. I understand why things are brought in from China from a financial aspect( boy would we be paying high prices on consumer goods if it didn't come from there!).
  9. well check your tags and you will see most things are made in china these days...don't feel bad because importers for all the main stores in our countries outsource most everything to china ...so buying a set of levers, rad guard etc. won't tip the balance. I have bought several things through places like ali express with great luck. just one set of headphone ear pads at 3$ didn't come to me. my $27 windscreen has been a great experiment on not buying a $160 one here. With my MT-01 I have to shop over seas for everything, not being sold in the US hurts me getting aftermarket support. but in saying this...i think everything was shipped from china.
  10. @rlambke19 I did get to the show on friday evening and picked up this instead. RPHA 70. I tried the gt air, gt air 2, RPHA 11 and countless Arai's. Settled on the RPHA 70 it fit my head well and liked the idea of the drop down sun shield. I seemed like the lightest of the bunch too. I actually got it from 613 for 500 taxes in along with a nice pair of TCX riding boots for the wife at $100 otd also. GP bikes sucked the wallet thin also with 2 new leather jackets for the wife and I to add to the collection.
  11. thanks fellas. the bike show is this friday so...I gotta think fast! lol
  12. why? that would chip and look like crap in a short period of time. Do you not remember the way headers used to come in a black paint and aluminum/stainless can? most of the time the black changed color to a beige in spots from the heat. I love the stock headers when clean. they clean up so well with a dish scrub pad and some cleaner. but each to their own, they would look good for the first little while then probably start to look crappy...IMO
  13. I'm looking to get a new helmet at the bike show this weekend to replace my old Bell star helmet. The HJC RPHA 11 is on my radar along with a Shoei GT Air. Arai is also there but i'm not sure if i want to spend the extra if one of these other 2 would work as well. Normally HJC has been off of my radar for a while due to what I would deem not as nice of quality as other brands. I have had Arai(my fav), Shoei, HJC, CKX and a couple of others that I can't remember the names(junk). I have read many reviews of the RPHA 11 and they are very good...just wondering if on a sit up style bike like the FJ/Tracer, it would be as quiet and comfortable as others. Most reviews were people on sport bikes and track guys.
  14. no ...it has steps. it sucks that i have to use a wrench to make those adjustments. can't turn it with your fingers
  15. @BBB ...you bite your tongue...if it wasn't for my Terry Adcox seat I wouldn't be able to ride long enough to enjoy my new suspension. Just kidding, I don't promote that type of violence...lol. @texscottyd I have the racetech valves too matched with a Penske 8983 rear shock and have noticed considerable improvement. Although the front end is much better than stock....it seems like something is missing. maybe it was how it was installed..or I was expecting more. Also I may have ordered my rear shock abit to stiff for the street or I haven't set it up right yet. In the twisties it no longer wallows and goes where you point it especially once I raised the forks in the clamps a bit. Also the great thing about buying new suspension products, in most cases you can sell everything when you are done with it and recoup some of the cost. Sorta like renting good suspension.