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  1. it definitely appears that way. that's why i did the test on the battery to confirm my suspicion.
  2. And you would be correct. 3 wires. When I hold the ground to a battery and hold the DLR wire to the positive, the white light comes on. When I put the turn signal wire on the positive with the ground on negative...I get nothing. When I have DRL + and ground - and add the wire for the amber it goes completely amber flashing with no white DLR. No so much when i am connected to the bike connector.. obviously the bike does something a little different when you hit the signal button. I am no electrical genius there for I am stumped. These are the little buggers
  3. Ok...I can be cheap some times and I could be taking one up the hoop tonight. I bought these cheap turn signals and the relays for LED'S and all I get is a white DLR and a mix of white and amber turn signals flashing...is there a know fix for LEDs on a fj09 or are these just shite? I dont know how to include a small vid
  4. that is a nice little system ...can the info on screen be changed to read in english or other languages? man ...looking at the conversion of an Yen to a dollar is mind blowing. hard to get my head around the conversion rate.
  5. Did she just give you a purple nurple?? That's not good social distancing.
  6. I just picked one up myself at the toronto motorcycle show. I was set on the gt air and gt air II and once i put on the RPHA 70 i was amazed at the fit and weight and the quality of the optics in the drop down sun visor. the price was close to half of and arai i liked too. i never thought i would buy and HJC helmet for the street after owning a few of their snowmobile helmets....didn't like them much
  7. welcome from Canada @Steve D
  8. Resurrecting this topic....because I use the search function 😉 So I’m asking my fellow canadian riders where they buy their chain and sprockets from...not to fussy on which brand because they all make quality chains IMO. 14,000kms and I have a few kinked links even though I lube it a fair amount with Maxima chain wax, maybe that’s my problem...not sure though.
  9. Coming off of the 900, how do you like the power difference moving to the 390? They do look like a lot of fun
  10. I am a fan of the SW-Motech Engage bag also. It seems as though it was made for the tracer/FJ. Holds everything I need for a days ride.
  11. So I am getting a little bored with the silver and blue wheels...would like to know if anyone has used any wrap kits on their bikes. Any of the sites that I have seen are all rendering images and no actual photos. I get a little skeptical on how they actually look. Looking for some insight if anyone has used on of these kits...or something of your own design.