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  1. sweet! how do you like it so far? I have been eyeballing those r9t's for a while now. heard one the other day with a nice exhaust..sounded good
  2. Been there, done that. just curious @wordsmith what bike were you riding?
  3. I'm not sure about the city bag but I have Helibars riser on my FJ with a SW motech Engage bag that works fine...if that helps any
  4. i've got one of those MT-01's as my second bike...love that thing
  5. this was my dream bike. i was finally able to get one and i loved it...my hip didn't. don't have many pics on my computer for some reason of my most recent. and all of my old bikes are on photos
  6. watching this to see what transpires, in case it is something silly that i can avoid when i remove my rear next time
  7. don't forget Pete's superbike for tires. have bought 3 sets from them now. 613 motorsports in Ottawa seems to be an up and comer
  8. i got my Penske rear shock from them...they seemed alright to me.
  9. @Cruizin....do i detect another motorcycle forum for you?? I can't wait for the manufacture rides ...if they have them this year.
  10. If it was me buying a new tracer it would be the non-GT model. I would use the money saved for a good Givi top box and panniers, mc cruise, heated grips(integrated OEM) and some suspension goodies. Quick shifter means nothing to me but being able to put a helmet in the side case means way more. There has been some great deals on non-GT models lately
  11. Hey @Cruizin! Do these ladies ride Tracers? Lol. My wife wonders what I'm looking at when I say "I'm reading up about my bike"...she looks over my shoulder and says ya right. I'm not complaining ...just laughing on how I have to explain myself. Ya got pay the Bill's some how.
  12. i have done both. comfort in riding from the shock wouldn't be as good as a good seat. the shock improves the ride as in the bike handling better. the replacement of the seat will be felt every moment you ride.
  13. someone's bitter...i'll welcome wordy back to the fold..always has interesting insight to riding with his experience over the years. just lower it and enjoy wordy.
  14. I’m waiting for a tracer M10 combo...that would get me all fired up!