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  1. Motocheck, I too got a Type 110 and had the same problem. Rather than raising the lockring off the tank, I lowered the ring that attaches to the bag by inserting the drilling template between the ring and the bag. If you didn't throw that away, I think you'll find it to be a cheap solution.
  2. Thanks for that info. The Engage is smaller than I hope for but it is a fall back so it's good to know that it works on the FJ.
  3. I'm looking to upgrade my tank bag to a medium size ring mount. Both my bikes have up and back risers but it looks like the GT will be the tightest fit. Has anyone installed an EVO City tankbag on a GT with up & back handlebar risers? A related question for owners of the City tankbag; what's the width up front? The product description says the bags narrows at the front for bar clearance but offers no further detail. Thanks
  4. Thanks betoney. I feel ready to jump into the pool
  5. Wrenching is a bit intimidating to me. That said, is there a trick to loosening the banjo bolt without introducing air into the system? Thanks
  6. +1 I checked mine and there was no locktite. There is now👌 Thanks for the heads up
  7. I live near Bristol and yes, many our roads are in bad shape. Tough climate. If you did Lincoln Gap, hope you like gravel.
  8. I just tried Kurviger for 3 different destinations in VT and NY originating from my home in VT. The rides were short, i.e. 2-3 hours one way. I thought the routing ranged from only OK to pretty good, but it only took MAYBE a minute. Unsure about how I'd like it for tour planning but this feels like a nice tool for the magic glass slab.
  9. @sirepair Kudos for what looks to be well thought out and well executed. Now that you've got 3 month of use, is there anything you'd do differently? BTW, creative off-label use of that socket.
  10. I've had 4 chain driven bikes in the last decade, so I've adjusted chain slack often. The GT seems different to me though in that the slack before and after torquing the axle nut varies as much as 7 mm. That seems like a lot. Are others seeing this much variance?
  11. countersteer


    I see the screen OK but agree about Basecamp. It's predecessor (Map Source) was way better. I'll give Osmand and Furkot a try. Thanks for the tip
  12. Thanks. I should have read the post rather than just looking at the pictures. Some things never change. When I was 18, I got Playboy only because the articles were so good.
  13. What's the purpose of the unused hole in the silver brackets?