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Dirty Exhaust


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Hi Guys.

Living in the UK we get a fair bit of wet weather I've noticed that the Tracer really suffers from a build up of dirt on the exhaust this appears on the header pipes and on the front and rear of the collector box, has anybody else experienced this?

I wonder how effective a fender extender would be to protect the headers, anyone fitted one.

I do try to get to the undercarriage when I give the bike a clean but these bits can be really difficult to get to.

Roll on the summer.😃

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Yes the spray is a problem, even the number plate holder get clogged with dirt, I might try the extender as the headers really get it.

I was going to look at the ExCel show this weekend but my plans changed last minute Doh!

I noticed that the oil cooler can also suffer so I'll keep an eye on that as well.


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I have extenders on the front and the rear, but the shock still gets dirty and so does the oil cooler area. They are worth fitting as they help somewhat, but don’t expect miracles!

Red 2015 Tracer, UK spec (well, it was until I started messing with it...)

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I have an R&C extender on front ender and it keeps spray off all but the lowest header pipe which still gets dirty. 

Front R&G is a bit linger than Pyramid.

I am getting an R&G for rear also since it seems the largest available.


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My Higdonion Cage stops alot of water spray and the road sandblasting effect on my radiator and front of engine... I also use a neoprene shock cover to keep the road from/water off the rear shock... I also do not use any fender extensions...

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I have just ordered couple of extenders from Aliexpres.com, for both front and rear, they are like $5 each and free shipping. The only problem is delivery up to two months, which I do not mind because I do not think the winter will be over here sooner than that...😤😭

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On 2/19/2019 at 5:40 AM, cozza said:

I think the simplest answer is to move to a climate where it only rains at night after midnight and is all done and dried by 06:00.

Any Ideas....... anyone ...... no.

Oh well I can dream I suppose. 😉

Here's an even simpler solution. Don't worry about it. Turn the key, hit the button, put it in gear and ride it. 

Let’s go Brandon

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