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Anyone tried this exhaust?

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Hey all -

This exhaust is listed for FZ09 and MT09. I want to try and use it on my FJ09.  When comparing the 2 Yamaha parts schematics for FZ-09/FJ-09 I see the only difference is the outlet is quite a bit different between the 2 bikes (the FZ-09 is bigger).  Since Yamaha sells the whole kit and kaboodle as 1 part # I cannot

compare individual exhaust components.

And yes this exhaust is a cheapie but figured it might be worth a try. Made out of stainless steel. 


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I have never heard of them, but I think this is what you meant to link?


It looks loud.  At 5.5 Kilograms or a little more than 12 pounds,  it's a small weight reduction from the stock 18.4 pounds.  For somewhere between $107 and $170 US + $23ish shipping, it's REALLY cheap.  There are multiple versions of this on that site.  I see the picture you posted has more bends and probably wouldn't accommodate the center stand.


If you get it, please get a before and after dyno for us!


Edit for clarity:  Anodizing Motoo Racing Store is what came up when I searched google for Motoo racing, after looking through their facebook for a company.

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Yeah man, that is the site. 

I've had a Leo Vince system on my old bike for 9 years.  I guess you can say I am used to the sound and at times it can be loud but I mostly like it.  This unit does come with a DB killer insert so would expect that could calm down the tone/decibels a little bit. 

With regard to weight I am not at all concerned with what performance it would give.  The bike is already plenty fast enough for me. I mostly just 

don't want to be silent riding around on it.  to be honest 137 miles now on the FJ-09 and I feel even more transparent (read invisible) with the stock exhaust.

Not sure how long it will take me to nerve up and buy directly from China but I will let you all know how it goes should I decide to go this directions. 

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I would find out if you have a tuner who can Dyno tune your bike for that unknown exhaust or you are planning to do the tune yourself... Before buying... 


Not all FZ-09 exhaust fit due to the center stand...only a very select few will...


2012 wr250f - C-class 30+ age group
2015 fz-07- Hordpower Edition-80whp
2015 fj-09- Graves Exhaust w/Woolich tune by 2WDW @120whp
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That looks exactly like the Akropovic carbon for the FZ09/MT09.  It doesn’t fit the FJ/Tracer due to the center stand. 

***2015 Candy Red FJ-09***

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I have had this exhaust on since last August and I really do like it. I have the short carbon can that is very loud without the baffle in but with the baffle set to a nice sound it was too restrictive and increased heat in the pipes and I also imagine the valves. Picked up one of those cheap honeycomb baffles from eBay and added it to the supplied baffle that was set back to where I liked the tone and all is well. 


The short can definately fits with the centre stand and I also see the longer can fitting as well. Keep in mind however you will need to use some extra washers here and there as well as bend the hanger to fit perfectly. All these overseas exhaust systems have large tolerances and no two are alike.


Sorry for the dirty bike but it rains a lot here in BC during the winter. 😀  

And yes, the carbon is fake and discolours at the tip.



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4 hours ago, FB4004 said:

I wish I had known this a few weeks ago. I just went with a Leo Vince system. I can't say I have regrets just less money now, hahaa. The sound on the LV is great as was expected.

Sorry about that. I've been away from forums for a while. I'm sure the LV will be great.

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