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LED Blues...

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How can one tell if an LED bead/ globe/ bulb has 'blown'?   A test-light between the -ve and +ve terminals lights up, so there is obviously power there.   And if blown, where are spares available please?   TIA...

LATER EDIT: thinking about it, the bead is inset into a circuit board, so I guess this means a new pair of LEDs. Bugger! But it's not too bad - I've had over the years at least six or eight such pairs, all looking the same and probably all originating from the same factory in China, cheap enough too, and not a single fault or failure, so I'm not doing too bad.


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Riding a fully-farkled 2019 MT-09 Tracer 900 GT from my bayside home in South East Queensland, Australia.   

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Yea, IMO when LED lights get some age on them there will be lots of surprised folks at the replacement costs.  Don't think they fail very often but when they do the cost to replace is very high from what I've heard.  I've heard of some European replacements costing thousands.  Think it is really nice the design choices LED lighting affords designers but would be nice if there was a more common replacement LED "bulb"

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