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Front Brake Switch Recall


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21 minutes ago, Shizzle said:

Maybe this is old news but I got a Front Brake Switch Recall in the mail today for my 2020 GT

Yep ,got mine today  also. put 4,000 miles on it without a hiccup. will have to wait till spring to check this out.


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Yup got mine yesterday, have 3,500 miles on mine with no issues.  Hasn't been in rain only washed a couple of times.  2,400 miles are long rides so not so much brake use.  Probably equivalent to 1,500 to 2,000 miles normal use.  It saw 500 miles in one day and most of that was 6th gear running big secondary roads or interstates.  Went by the local dealer (not the one I bought it from) and they ordered the part and should have the recall done late this week or next week.  Good time of the year as they are less busy now.

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Guess I'm joining the recall club, got the mailer. 12k on my bike and never noticed any issue; however, I rarely use the cruise unless I'm on a multi-day trip with mucho Superslab ( damn, car in the shop and about to start major project on the Dyna :>(

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17 minutes ago, Ride365 said:

Can't remember seeing any 2020 model owners being affected yet, or am I wrong on that?

Yep, we all are. It wasn't updated on their website for a while so we all thought we missed it.

They fixed the glitch.

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